The Challenge:

Meetings. Conventions. Conferences. Exhibits. Fundraisers. Events like these are regular occurrences for associations like yours. With so many details involved in promoting, selling, managing and implementing them, it’s no surprise that many organizations rely on sophisticated software programs like  eShow, Experient, Map Your Show and others to help facilitate the process.

While these platforms deliver invaluable tools to streamline and simplify event planning and management, they aren’t integrated with the gold mine at the core of your association: your iMIS data. Meaning, in order to promote, sell, and manage a conference, your organization must replicate data between multiple systems – an often cumbersome task. 

Using these systems also means members must complete transactions on separate sites, and you will be required to combine the two disparate sets of data.

Luckily, ATS can help.

The Opportunity:

Our Event Solutions Suite optimizes the value of event software while simplifying processes for your and your members. How? By integrating the your third-party program with iMIS data, you can:

  • Market events through iMIS via the RiSE store or the ATS Online Marketplace, thereby providing a single sign-on for members and reaping the greater convenience, higher attendance and enhanced collection rates that result.
  • Track attendance and other event activities, then use iMIS dashboards to analyze this data for improved marketing, fundraising and decision-making.