Personal iMIS Assessment & Road Map

Is it time to reevaluate how your association is using iMIS and determine future steps? Let ATS help you by performing an iMIS assessment and providing you with a personalized Road Map.

When it comes to iMIS, we want you to make the most of this robust software. It can be a treasure trove of data when you can mine it appropriately. To help you and your association meet your everyday needs, we will come and meet with each department and go over the following:

  • What are you currently doing that is working?
  • What are you currently doing that is not working?
  • What can you do in the future? What opportunities exist?

After analyzing your current processes, we can provide solutions while on-site and leave a written Road Map outlining our recommendations.

  • Immediate steps - what to do in the next month
  • Intermediate steps - what to do in the next 3 months
  • Long-term steps - what to do in the next 6 months

The overarching goal of this process is to create a road map for your association to move forward allowing you to use iMIS out of the box reducing the headache of customizations. By using iMIS as it was created, you will reduce your future costs, require a less complex setup, and make future upgrades much easier.

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