CIO For A Day

ATS’ expertise in information technology is unprecedented. We offer our services for temporary staffing needs to allow an easy transition while looking for a permanent CIO. ATS will provide you with the ability to manage projects while conducting a CIO search. We can also help you manage your staff during your transition periods and will even help with hiring new staff members as necessary.

When conducting your CIO search, you need to have the time to direct your resources to find the best candidate for your organization’s needs. By allowing ATS to fill the need for a temporary CIO, you can conduct the best possible CIO search.

ATS’ Randy Richter has over twenty years of expertise and has held several high profile and diverse positions in his career, including part owner of ATS. He can keep your organization’s IT department running as expected and offer suggestions to move your organization to the next logical step. He will work with the newly hired CIO to give him a running start and ensure your organization doesn’t miss out on any value add opportunities during your transition. 

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