Bar & Legal

Association Technology Solutions (ATS) has a long history of working with bar associations at the state and metro level. Our experience with bars spans more than two decades. ATS has helped clients manage CLE, IOTA, and many other bar specific needs.

ATS has provided a number of solutions specific to bar associations.

  • Lawyer finder – This solution allows a website user to search for lawyers by practice area, location, or other criteria.
  • Continuing Legal Education – ATS has worked with over 40 LMS systems that deliver legal education. Some have specific CLE requirements. The typical process is to purchase the CLE in iMIS, Single Sign-On to the LMS, and write back of CLE credits to iMIS.
  • CLE Catalog – many clients prefer to have the searching and filtering of course offerings in iMIS. For example, a member may need 2 credit hours in a specific practice area. The ATS catalog makes it easy for your members to find the exact courses they need for CLE.
  • Fastcase – ATS has worked with Fastcase to provide a seamless SSO, through the ATS iMIS Bridge, to Fastcase.
  • Witnex– ATS has worked with Witnex to provide a seamless SSO, through the ATS iMIS Bridge to Witnex.

The iMIS All-in-One solution

The items above are turn-key solutions that are part of the iMIS All-in-One solution family. Through its experience with multiple bars, ATS has created other bar-specific integrations. These integrations include a variety of bar-specific solutions, such as data synchs with Supreme Courts, and dues models with varying levels based on location, selling all access passes* and other solutions.

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*- Lawyers who need CLE can buy access to courses one at a time. But… some organizations are setting up solutions that sell access to all content as a subscription. For example, let’s assume that a state requires 20 hours per year of CLE. Instead of paying $100 per course, a subscription model would allow a lawyer to purchase an annual subscription for $1800/year and get access to all courses. Purchasing plans like this also exist at the company level.