iMIS Bridge Dashboards Drive Business Decisions

Take your iMIS Bridge Powered by ATS to the next level with an iMIS Bridge dashboard. Developed and supported by the award-winning iMIS Authorized Solution Provider, Association Technology Solutions, LLC, these standard dashboards are ready to install. They provide critical information related to your existing bridge.

The iMIS Bridge dashboards are available for popular bridges like BlueSky, Drupal, Cadmium, WordPress, Salesforce, Zoom, and many others.

Your Member Data is Gold

Our dashboards help you mine it. The result? With ATS’s iMIS Bridge dashboards , you can leverage your member data to:

  • View un-synced records
  • Apply insights to enhance engagement, recruitment, retainment, and revenue
  • Boost efficiencies for staff
  • Gain greater understanding of members’ needs and behaviors

Additionally, ATS can provide customization's to the iMIS Bridge dashboards to display information specific to your KPIs.

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