Email marketing is a critical component of association communication and member engagement, but are you getting the most out of your solution?

An iMIS-integrated email marketing solution can help keep your members engaged by making it easy to dynamically target specific audiences based on information found in iMIS. It allows you to use iMIS communication opt-in/out preferences to handle unsubscribes so that your community gets the information they want to receive. Pushing back vital information to iMIS about how your members interact with your correspondence can be used for dashboards, engagement scoring, and to guide your organization in critical decision making.

Best Practices

  • It is recommended that iMIS serve as the authoritative source for email marketing campaigns.  Email addresses, demographics, and tags should originate in iMIS and be passed to the email marketing platform.
  • Information like sends, bounces, opens clicks, forwards, and opt-outs should be stored in iMIS if they are helpful or can be combined with other data to guide in decision making.
  • Stay in compliance with anti-spam laws by syncing iMIS communication preferences to your mail platform. Using the out-out feature available through the email marketing platform is can make managing re-subscribing and preference management difficult.
  • Segmentation of lists are done in the email marketing platform. Syncing the demographics from iMIS, makes it makes creating target audiences easy.

Available Integration Modules for Email Marketing Solutions

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  • HubSpot Logo
  • Lyris Logo
  • MailChimp Logo
  • Real Magnet Logo
  • Twilio Logo