Prometric Data Transfer

The ATS Prometric Data Transfer Module manages the automated transfer of test eligibility data to and test results from Prometric. The data transfer process consists of three main pieces: the data “in” process, the data “out” process, and reporting process. This module integrates iMIS with a fully automated system to manage exams for iMIS users who partner with Prometric. This module can even be used to automate the printing process of Renewal ID Cards and/or Certificates of Completion.

Data "In" Process

The Data "In" procedure performs the following:

  1. Downloads all outstanding test result files from the Prometric FTP server and removes them from the server. The files are stored in an archive folder on the local web server should they be needed later.
  2. Parses the data from Prometric and saves it to a table that stores the raw input for reporting later.
  3. Updates the status on each individual’s application from “Pending” to either “Passed” or “Failed”.
  4. If any results are returned that do not match a Pending application record in iMIS, the user is alerted to the anomaly.

This process could be run as often as needed. After the import has been processed, reports can be generated and sent to a printing house to automate certificate prints and/or ID card prints.

Data "Out" Process

The data “out” procedure creates a comma-delimited file containing all individuals whose applications were submitted in the given date range with a “Pending” status. The user is notified of the number of records the transmission will contain as a data integrity check before the data is sent. The data is saved in a database table for later reporting, and the comma-delimited file is uploaded to Prometric’s servers.


This procedure creates custom reports from the data that has been imported into iMIS from Prometric based upon the organizations business rules. This procedure can be used to create quarterly reports on the number of individuals who have passed, failed, or even those individual who had not shown for an exam during any exam cycle. Year-end reports can be created to track the number of new applications versus the number retakes. The types of reports that can be generated based upon exam data is limitless as long as the information has been input into iMIS as part of the data “in” process.

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