Update Your Site With the ATS Event Calendar iPart for iMIS

Want to control the look and feel of your event calendar? Juggling multiple community, committee and public events? Looking for a way to connect your calendar with third-party event software and allow users to add events to their personal calendars? The ATS Event Calendar for iMIS was designed for associations like yours with key features that let you:

  • Use iPart or .NET user control
  • Offer a list or a calendar view
  • Restrict events to certain meeting types
  • Add events to members’ Outlook, gmail or iphone calendars
  • Link to any registration URL, enabling use with third-party event systems
  • Specify the number of months ahead and the maximum number of results to display
  • Toggle to show/hide end-date, year, scroll events

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See it in Action:

ATS Event Calendar Display iPart Demo