Custom Online Member Directory

A member directory is a valuable benifit that you can provide to your web users. Member directories allow users to dynamically search your membership database. They allow current members to view lists of their peers and individuals from the general public to find the member that best suits their needs.

iMIS is a great tool to build your member directory upon, but when it comes to actually putting your website and the iMIS database together, sometimes the relationship is less than harmonious. ATS has the tools and the intimate understanding of the iMIS solution to merge the two systems together in a way that is robust and user friendly.

ATS has developed several online member directories for our clients. Some of the default functionality provided to our customers has been:

  • Integration with iMIS to view member's contact information
  • Security features to determine which members can see other members' information
  • The ability to display pictures of the members or company logos dynamically
  • Results to display on a Google® map (by integrating the ATS GeoCoding Module for iMIS)

For more information about how we can build a similar custom solution for you, contact us at your convenience.