ATS Map Your Show Bridge

When It Comes To Bridging With Map Your Show, ATS Leads The Way.

Key Features

With the ATS Map Your Show iMIS Bridge, your association can access information from Map Your Show to:

  • Identify and track those who sponsored, exhibited or attended the show, and connect records of related groups, individuals, etc. This will create new company and people records in iMIS if necessary, then link the people to the companies through a relationship.
  • Match incoming booth payments to exhibitors in iMIS and create activity records for booth sales and payments.
  • Match incoming sponsorship payments to exhibitors in iMIS and create activity records for sponsorship payments.
  • Identify any issues that must be addressed and provide a log of records that failed the synchronization process.
  • If you use iMIS As the source of truth, push customers and contacts from iMIS to Map Your Show.
  • Single sign-on with iMIS.

Supported Use Cases

  • Clients who sell booths at Map Your Show will have the details about those booths written back to iMIS in the form of activity records. This will be on a scheduled sync.
  • Clients who use iMIS as the source of truth for new customers and contacts, can create IQA's in iMIS for Customers and Contacts. Those records will be pushed to Map Your Show. If an email changes in iMIS it will be pushed to Map Your Show. Clients who use this feature can still have Map Your Show write back sales into iMIS as activity records.
  • Using a Single Sign-on an exhibitor can login to iMIS first and then, when sent to Map Your Show, have their data pulled into Map Your Show.
  • If you have a use case that is not listed or would like additional information, please Contact ATS.

Easy Does It: Integration Made Simple

The ATS methodology for bridges uses the iMIS API's to achieve the results you expect from a world-class integration. We work closely with third-party partners to use their API's in the most efficient manner. We pride ourselves on building integrations that work on many versions of iMIS. This means that when you upgrade iMIS the bridges will continue to work without having to be rewritten.

The results of this methodology include:

  • Compatibility with all versions of iMIS (unless otherwise noted) using the appropriate iMIS API's that work best with your version of iMIS.
  • The flexibility of on-premise or hosted models for the software.
  • Easy set-up and one-time configuration including installation services from ATS.


Options for Selling Booths Without the Exhibitions or Expo Module

Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2017

The Exhibition & Expo modules will no longer be supported in future releases of iMIS, so what is the best way for your organization to sell and manage booth space? Join us as we review how you can leverage a wide range of options from out-of-the box iMIS to advanced ecommerce platforms to popular iMIS integrated exhibition applications such as a2z, Cadmium and EXPOCAD.

Watch the Recording Download the Webinar Slides