ATS Client Portal Introduction

Welcome to the ATS Client Support Portal!

To learn more about how to make the most of your experience, review the ATS Client Support Portal Introduction below. To get started using the portal, click the "Portal Login" button on the right and you will be taken to the portal login page.

Hours of Operation

ATS support staff is available Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time. Please note, we are closed Saturday and Sunday. You are free to submit support requests outside of these hours, and we will promptly address them upon our return.

Introduction and Download

This page serves to familiarize you with the portal including where it is located, how to login, and how to use the portal. The portal will enable you to create new service requests and monitor the status of current requests among many other functions. This web-accessible page can be accessed at anytime at your convenience. However, if you would prefer to download this information as a PDF document, please click the button below.

Download ATS Client Portal Introduction Adobe Reader Logo

Logging Into the Portal

Navigate to

  1. Enter your email address and password
  2. Click Login
  3. You are taken to the Client Portal homepage. Don't worry if you encounter a 'Website security certificate' warning - you can safely ignore the message and select Continue to this website.
  4. When you are finished using the portal, click the Log Out link at the top, right-hand corner of the screen
ATS Client Support Portal landing page

Initial Login Credentials

Once your account has been activated by ATS staff, you will be able to login to the ATS Client Support Portal using your default credentials.

  • Username: your email address
  • Password: your first name

For your security, it is extremely important to change your password immediately after logging in for the first time.

Changing Your Settings

My Account

You can change your settings by clicking the My Account link at the top, right-hand corner of the screen. Here is where you can edit your account details such as name, security level, email address, password and others. At least one person in your organization has been setup as your administrator to help manage your internal team. This person can determine who can access the portal and with what access/security rights. ATS can also add and manage accounts for your team.

Access Levels

Access to features of the portal varies depending on your access level. For information about changing yours or another person’s security level, see the Account Tab – Users Screen section of this document. The grid below shows which users have which capabilities.

User Super
Finance General
Enter New Tickets
Update Tickets
View Projects
View Opportunities
Access all Tickets (instead of just mine)
Approve Tickets
Change Contacts on Tickets
Access Reports
Maintain Company Contacts
Maintain Company Preferences
View Agreements
View/Print Customer Signoff Form
View/Print Invoices
Access all Opportunities (instead of just mine)
View Configurations

The following sections will show you how to create a ticket using the Create Ticket button and how to use each of the seven tabs available to you in the portal:

  • Tickets
  • Projects
  • Recommendations
  • Knowledge Base
  • Configurations
  • Reports
  • Account
Sort Types

Most of the tabs will have a Sort menu that will enable you to filter and narrow down your searches. Additionally, there will usually be a Summary View and a List View available. A Summary View will provide you with more Summary details about the item, while the List View condenses the details into one row.

View Types

Creating a Ticket

Create Ticket Button

Use the Create Ticket button at the upper, right-hand corner to enter a new service request. When you create a new service ticket your name, address, telephone number and email will automatically populate on the ticket. After completing the required fields and clicking Submit, you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket number.

  • Select Service Needed: Use the carousel to select the type of Service Request to enter.
  • Title: Enter a summary description of the request or issue
  • Problem Description: Enter a complete description or the issue or request. Please be sure to include as much detail as possible. If you are submitting a technical support request or problem, make sure that you give us enough information to be able to replicate the issue. This information may include usernames, passwords, web addresses (URLs), error messages, or other information.
  • Attach Document: Click the Attach Document link to reveal a Choose File button. Include any additional documents as necessary for us to be able to evaluate and replicate the request. Common files uploaded include screenshots, design graphics, Microsoft Word and Excel documents, and others.
  • Due Date: Enter the date by which you would like the service ticket to be completed.
  • Emergency: Select this check box if the service request is an emergency. This should only be used if the issue is related to a production system/application and severity & impact is extremely high.
  • PO Number: If applicable enter a Purchase Order number to authorize the billing of this service ticket.
  • Contact Details: Your information should be pre-populated. If you would like to designate a different Contact for the request then click the Choose button to select a different person from your team.
Create Ticket Window

Basic Information to Include with Every Ticket

  1. Is the new ticket part of a current project?

    Project tickets are grouped together, and telling which project the ticket belongs with helps to make sure the ticket is put in the right place.

  2. Write as detailed a title and body description as possible.

    More meaningful ticket titles and descriptions are much easier to quickly assess than generic ones. For instance, "404 Error when Clicking Link in Password Reset Email" is a much better title than "Login Issue".

  3. Are attachments or embedded screenshots, word/excel docs, error logs, etc. included in the ticket?

    Depending on how the ticket was submitted, ATS staff may or may not be aware that there are attachments. Telling us there are ensures that it will be seen and prevents delays. For example, "The problem as shown in the screenshot is causing...." is much better than "The problem is causing...".

  4. Is there a deadline that the issue must be resolved by?

    Informing us of hard or soft deadlines helps us make sure that your issue is handled in a timely fashion. If there is an issue with meeting the timeline we will be sure to let you know of any constraints.

  5. Who should we contact?

    Are you submitting the ticket as yourself, or on behalf of someone else? Are there other people who should be added as additional contacts for the issue? If we aren't aware that someone needs to be CC'd on an issue then we won't add them to the ticket.

  6. How should we contact them?

    For example, if the person we should contact rarely checks their email then please tell us so we can contact them by phone instead. Be sure to include any alternate contact information as appropriate. Are you (or the contact person) out of the office and only available by cell phone? Telling us so could help expedite a resolution and prevent delays.

  7. How severe is the issue?

    This is a grade of how many users are affected. For external, member-facing issues, how much of the member base is affected? For internal issues, how much of the staff is affected?

  8. What is the impact of the issue?

    This is a grade of the impact on business operations. For instance, a broken link to a privacy policy has a much lower impact on business operations than a bad URL printed in current marketing materials.

  9. Do you have a budget in mind?

    How much time do you want us to spend working on the issue before contacting you? For low impact, low severity issues you may only want us to work an issue for a half hour before calling it quits. If the issue is of high importance and the time required is of little concern then tell us so.

  10. Who at ATS has worked on the same or similar issue in the past?

    The ticket will be assigned to an ATS staff member as appropriate, and if there is someone who has experience with this issue then they may be the best resource. Even if the ticket isn't assigned to that person, the staff member who does get assigned will at least have an internal point of reference if needed.

Tickets Tab

Tickets Tab - Search and View Options

The Tickets tab enables you to view all service tickets for your company. Certain security levels may be necessary in order to view all valid service tickets. In this screen you are able to:

  1. Open a new service request by selecting the Create Ticket button
  2. Use the Search by section to assist in filtering results
  3. Click the Summary link to review the ticket details or to contribute additional information

Projects Tab

Projects Tab

The Projects tab enables you to see all projects for your company. Depending on your security level, you may only be able to view your records. However, certain security levels have the ability to view all valid projects for your organization. To view information about a project, click on the Project Name. The Work Plan will then display where you can select individual project tickets to view or update information.

Recommendations Tab (not currently in use)

The Recommendations tab enables you to display recommendations that have been sent to the portal for review. Recommendations originate within the ticketing system and are sent to the portal for client review. Consider thinking of recommendations as quotes. If an ATS employee creates an Opportunity and places it in a status that is visible on the Client Portal, you can use the Recommendations tab to review that Opportunity. To review, accept or reject a recommendation, click on the summary link to open it.

Knowledge Base Tab

The Knowledge Base tab enables you to search all service entries in the ticketing system. Enter keywords or phrases into the Describe Your Problem… box, select a Scope (time period), and click Search to view the results.

Knowledge Base Search

Configurations Tab (not currently in use)

The Configurations tab will show the list of devices and configurations associated with your organization. You can use the Search By area to filter and narrow down the configurations you are looking for. ATS is currently not using this functionality.

Reports Tab


The reports you are able to view on the Reports tab depends on your security level. Users with a security level of Administrator can view all available reports.

There are three Portal Reports available by default:

  • Service Request Trends This Year
  • Service Request Trends Last Year
  • Executive Management Report

Account Tab

In the Account tab you can view Invoices, Users, and Agreements for your organization.

Invoices Screen

The Invoices screen displays all available invoices. Selecting the invoice number link will open the invoice for you to review. Payment via the portal is currently not configured for ATS clients.


Users Screen

The Users screen enables you to update the name, security level, email address, password, phone numbers, and other information for individual users in your organization. The ability to view the list of users and edit their information depends on your security level (“Finance” level and above). To request a higher security level, contact your organization’s administrator, or submit a ticket to us.


Agreements Screen

The Agreements screen enables you to view all active agreements for your organization.


Ongoing Support


Please use the portal as the primary communication tool with ATS:


As an alternative, you can email a help desk request directly to


If these options are not available to you, please feel free to call ATS directly at 720-945-7252