World Class eLearning Solutions

The Challenge:

Helping members learn new skills and stay current on continuing education credits and certifications is a key mission of most associations. It is also proven to be a strong, non-dues revenue generator for most groups which is why many organizations have invested in online learning through third-parties like [[Blue_Sky_eLearn_Bridge |Blue Sky eLearn]], [[GoToWebinar_Bridge |GoToWebinar]], [[iMIS_Bridges_and_Integrations |GoToTraining and others]].

Unfortunately, this online learning software isn't integrated with iMIS. To market to members, deliver courses and track their education, you need to replicate data between multiple systems, a process that can be complicated and tedious. Members are then required to sign-on and complete transactions on two separate sites. To combine both sets of data, you must spend your association's top resource: time.

Fortunately, ATS has a solution for that.

The Opportunity:

Our Online Learning Solutions Suite is a set of integration solutions that help associations leverage the value of their online learning software by marketing courses through iMIS via the RiSE store or the ATS Online Marketplace.

When a member is ready to purchase a course, the online learning software is notified of the order and a single sign-on is displayed. Once the course is completed, critical course data, including credit hours, test scores, certifications and more, is relayed back to iMIS.

The Advantage:

With our Online Learning Solutions Suite, you can track all online learning engagement in iMIS. Which means you can:

  • Use iMIS dashboards to analyze trends (such as total number of credit hours purchased and claimed) and cross tabulate the average test scores to years of membership or conference attendance
  • Offer a single, unified, real-time interface to your members

All of which adds up to less hassle for them resulting in fewer headaches and better information on which to base future decisions.