The ATS CQ Roll Call Bridge:
Because Integration Is The Best Policy

Relying on CQ Roll Call for insights about public policy? Make the most of this powerful platform with the ATS CQ Roll Call Bridge for iMIS, the integration solution that allows valuable data to be shared between these two powerful applications. Seamlessly and painlessly.

The Bridge to Big Benefits

By integrating iMIS and CQ Roll Call via the ATS Bridge, you can optimize the value of your data to enhance member engagement and increase revenue. Consider the benefits:

  • Automatically and seamlessly move member data from iMIS to CQ Roll Call to create custom iMIS groups (e.g., Texas Members) for targeted campaigns.
  • Through the creation of activity records in iMIS, you can create queries and segment data based on CQ Roll Call activity such as calls, signed petitions, and more

Easy Does It: Integration Made Simple

The ATS methodology for bridges uses the iMIS API's to achieve the results you expect from a world-class integration. We work closely with third-party partners to use their API's in the most efficient manner. We pride ourselves on building integrations that work on many versions of iMIS. This means that when you upgrade iMIS the bridges will continue to work without having to be rewritten.

The results of this methodology include:

  • Compatibility with all versions of iMIS (unless otherwise noted) using the appropriate iMIS API's that work best with your version of iMIS.
  • The flexibility of on-premise or hosted models for the software.
  • Easy set-up and one-time configuration including installation services from ATS.


Turning Members into Advocates with CQ Roll Call and iMIS

Looking to rapidly increase your number of grassroots advocates? Join us for a review of how organizations are leveraging an integrated Engage platform to mobilize and track the activity of their community to target specific legislation. We will also review how these advocates activities are tracked in iMIS with the ATS CQ Roll Call integration bridge.

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Tracking Advocacy Engagement with CQ Roll Call and iMIS

Explore CQ Roll Call's flexible interface to take your current efforts with member engagement to the next level – CQRC Engage. For over 25 years, CQ Roll Call has been the market leader in grassroots advocacy solutions. Learn how the ATS integration of CQ Roll Call with iMIS will help you manage all of this data seamlessly. CQRC Engage deploys action alerts quickly and easily and targets your advocates with content to make their online experience more focused. The very concept of advocacy is evolving. CQRC Engage is a technological breakthrough that allows you to utilize all trends of issue campaigns and provide user generated content to educate your stakeholders.

Watch the Recorded Webinar Download the Webinar Slides