The Challenge:

When it comes to ecommerce, membership associations have special considerations. Selling products is only one objective. Ensuring smooth, seamless event and webinar registration, membership renewal and dues payment, and easy donation processing is also essential. Tracking members’ buying habits to better understand, serve, and market to them is also critical.

The ATS eCommerce Solution is a set of integrated offerings that meet all these goals and more.

The Opportunity:

It all starts with the ATS Online Marketplace. Fully unified with your brand and website, this state-of-the-art offering gives your members the smooth intuitive experience they’ve come to expect online. When they shop at your online store using the ATS Online Marketplace, they're sold more goods, spend more time and money, and return more often.

Since the ATS Online Marketplace is integrated with iMIS, it allows your organization to:

  • Use iMIS dashboards to identify members’ buying trends and interests then leverage this information to enhance marketing, member management, recruitment and retention, and more
  • Offer a single, unified, real-time interface to your members for all association transactions

The ATS Online Marketplace Virtual Administrator program is also available to help maximize your Marketplace’s potential to:

  • Attract and retain shoppers
  • Cross-sell, upsell, and support star-rankings and user reviews
  • Accept coupons, discounts, gift cards, credit cards and ACH payments
  • Seamlessly handle and integrate member tasks like renewal, payment, and event and webinar registration
  • Offer customer access to account information, history and printable invoices, dues, receipts, and more