Data Optimization SOLUTION By ATS

The Challenge:

Your iMIS data isn’t merely a repository of information about your members. It’s pure data gold, primed to be mined for insights that can help you grow your organization and serve your members.

Need convincing? Imagine the ability to:

  • Segment members based on completed online learning courses, then automatically email those who would be most interested in similar upcoming ones.
  • Track members’ renewal and payment history and automatically send a reminder if that date has passed.
  • Recognize that members who purchase one item from your marketplace often buy another, then automatically display that recommendation at checkout.

The ATS Data Optimization Solutions suite provides the key to unlocking the value of your iMIS data.

The Opportunity:

Import Quality, Export Value

Of course, to uncover valuable insights, associations must first be working from quality data, so it’s critical to ensure that the information entered in iMIS is as accurate as possible. Enter the ATS Ultimate Spreadsheet Importer, an essential tool that lets you:

  • Seamlessly import any spreadsheet, in any format, into iMIS
  • Automatically align data to de-duplicate and maintain the rules you establish
  • Link members’ personal and company records and more

Integration Equals Optimization

Confining your data to silos severely limits its value. We can change that. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations integrate their iMIS data with third-party software – from content management systems to platforms for eLearning, marketing, events, ecommerce and more – through ATS Bridges that:

  • Enable information to flow freely between your third-party software and iMIS
  • Maximize the value of your data
  • Minimize headaches for you and your members

Ask and You’ll Receive

When quality data flows freely between iMIS and the rest of your software, new insights are available to your association. However, unearthing it requires posing the right questions in the right way. We can help with training that removes the mystery surrounding the iMIS Intelligent Query Architect (IQA) and helps you craft queries that get to the heart of the matters that make a difference for your association.

Information in a Dash

With a deeper understanding of IQA, you’ll have more opportunities to maximize the potential of your iMIS Dashboards using metrics, trends, goals, forecasts, summaries, market segments and more. Use your new iMIS dashboard to improve your association's decision-making. ATS can show you how.

Move Up to iMIS 20

If you’re not using the latest version of iMIS, you’re missing out on more ways to manage member relationships more effectively than ever. ATS can make the upgrade smooth and seamless – and help you uncover the goldmine in your iMIS data quickly, painlessly, and cost-effectively.