The ATS iMIS Zoom Bridge

Zoom - One Consistent Enterprise Experience

The Bridge to Big Benefits

By integrating iMIS and Zoom via the ATS Bridge, you can optimize your data to enhance member engagement and increase revenue. This platform can be used for education, committee meetings, or even a virtual happy hour for your members.

Key Features

  • Sell access to Zoom Meetings and Webinars through the iMIS cart or the ATS Online Marketplace.
  • "Push" registrants to Zoom via an IQA without an e-commerce transaction.
  • Record attendance information back to iMIS as an Activity including time watched. NOTE, as of April 2020, Zoom no longer provides a value in their API for the attentiveness score.
  • Ability to support multiple Zoom Accounts through a single instance of the bridge.
  • Create attendance records for Zoom events where registration originated in Zoom.
  • Automatically create new contacts in iMIS for Zoom registrants and/or attendees not already in iMIS.   

Supported Use Cases

  • People register for Zoom event(s) in iMIS just like any other event.  Upon checkout, registrations are automatically sent to Zoom, confirmation is sent to the registrant, and an activity record is created in iMIS.
  • Registrant lists can be created in iMIS via IQA and synchronized with Zoom on a scheduled basis.  For example, an IQA of all chapter officers can be built and synchronized with Zoom where all chapter officers are automatically registered in the Zoom event.  This process will register the person in Zoom, create an activity record in IMIS, and send an e-mail confirmation to the registrant.  
  • Prospect records can be created in iMIS for Zoom events where the registration did not originate in iMIS.  Contact information is de-duped against iMIS where a new record can be created for contacts who are not already in iMIS. This can be done for all registrants or only for those who actually attended the event.  
  • Upon completion of a Zoom event, attendance data will be written back to iMIS, including arrival and departure times.  Should a participant enter and leave an event multiple times, each arrival and departure time will be recorded in iMIS.  These data can then be used for reporting purposes or to create CEU records per the organization's needs. 
  • If you have a use case that is not listed or would like additional information, please Contact ATS.

What data is Synced?

From iMIS to Zoom - contact information (e.g., first, last, email, title, organization, work phone, address, city, state, zip, country, organization)
From Zoom to iMIS on a per-event basis - Product code, duration, join date/time, leave date/time


The ATS Zoom bridge requires that you have a Zoom plan at the Pro level or higher. This is a requirement of Zoom to use their API.  See this page for Plans and Pricing.

Easy Does It: Integration Made Simple

The ATS methodology for bridges uses the iMIS API's to achieve the results you expect from a world-class integration. We work closely with third-party partners to use their API's in the most efficient manner. We pride ourselves on building integrations that work on many versions of iMIS. This means that when you upgrade iMIS the bridges will continue to work without having to be rewritten.

The results of this methodology include:

  • Compatibility with all versions of iMIS (unless otherwise noted) using the appropriate iMIS API's that work best with your version of iMIS.
  • The flexibility of on-premise or hosted models for the software.
  • Easy set-up and one-time configuration including installation services from ATS.


Zoom Bridge User Experience


Making Webinar Registration and Tracking Easy with an iMIS Integrated Zoom Solution

Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Time: 3:00 PM ET (1:00-2:00 PM MT)

Presenter: Ben Zastrocky, Senior Consultant
Presenter: Randy Richter, Director of Technology, Partner

Zoom is one of the most popular webinar platforms available to the iMIS community, but with the shift to virtual events, many organizations are struggling with creating a seamless registration workflow. Join us as we review how the ATS Zoom bridge can allow you to easily handle the registration in iMIS via a financial transaction or by leveraging an IQA. This workflow will allow Zoom to send out unique URLs to clients which helps with security and tracking. We will also review how the bridge pushes back important data to the member's iMIS record so that you can use this information for reporting, dashboards, engagement scoring, CE tracking and more.

Watch the Recording Download the Webinar Slides