Great Things Are In Store With The ATS Online Marketplace has nothing on us. Give your members the smooth, sophisticated shopping experience they’ve come to expect online through the ATS Online Marketplace. With complete iMIS integration, our exceptional e-store expands the platform’s functionality to ensure fast, user-friendly:

  • Membership renewal and dues payment
  • Event and webinar registration
  • Donation processing
  • Product purchases

It also mines your members’ data and shopping habits to help you better understand, serve and sell to them all while building your brand via integration with your association’s website and marketing strategy.


Incorporate our Online Marketplace into iMIS Public Views or replace the functionality of Public Views altogether. Either way, it delivers all the features you need to:

  • Create custom categories
  • Cross-sell, upsell and support star-rankings and user reviews that can then be posted to social media
  • Accept coupons, discounts, gift cards, credit cards and ACH payments
  • Give members access to account information, history, printable invoices, dues history, receipts and more
  • Connect events with members’ Outlook calendar and Google maps

Since the Online Marketplace is from the experts at ATS, we assure:

  • Compatibility with all versions of iMIS using the .NET iMIS Business Objects and Web Services (from versions 10-20)
  • A scalable, upgradeable solution
  • A speedy time to market with a marketplace that’s built and launched quickly

Online Marketplace Live Demo

Functionality includes the ability to:

  • Manage the design through CSS
  • Change labels
  • Show/hide features of the site
  • Manage promotions/ads including start and end dates
  • Show/hide categories and add custom entries into the product categories
  • Manage search features including excluding product categories, product codes, event types, and meeting codes
  • Manage featured items and specials
  • Manage Best Sellers by excluding certain products if desired
  • Manage the time zone of each event/webinar
  • Manage and protect electronic assets for sale through the marketplace
  • Provide services through a number of third party webinar companies including [[Blue_Sky_eLearn_Bridge |Blue Sky eLearn]], [[CommPartners_Bridge |CommPartners]], and [[GoToWebinar_Bridge |GoToWebinar]], all seamlessly integrated into the shopping experience.
  • Create kits of events and a combination of events and products.
  • Control how long someone has access to digital content (30 days, 90 days, etc)
  • Provide default images for events and products when an image has not been entered into iMIS.
  • Manage batches and their properties
    • Set cash accounts per credit card type
    • Combine credit cards into batches (e.g., AMEX in one and VISA, MC, DISC) in another batch
    • Manage the description of the batches
    • Allow for synchronization with payment gateway time zone (e.g., rollover batch to next day at 9:00 pm.)
    • Create separate batches per event or combine together with dues, products, and donations
  • Manage coupons by providing:
    • Coupon Codes
    • Coupon Description to print on receipt
    • Dollars off or percent off
    • Start and end dates
    • Single use or multiple use per person
    • Stackable/non stackable
    • Restrict to a single person or company
    • Restrict to member types
    • Restrict to product/event codes
    • Restrict to product categories
    • Set maximum uses per product code
    • Set maximum orders across the system for all members
    • Create any query to determine who can use the coupon (e.g., only annual conference attendees)



Cutting through the Noise: Effective Advocacy Campaigns with SoftEdge and iMIS

Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Time: 3:00 PM ET (1:00-2:00 PM MT)

Presenter: Ben Russell, VP of Sales, The Soft Edge
Presenter: Randy Richter, Director of Technology, Partner

Challenged with mobilizing your membership and turning them into grassroots advocates? In today's ever-changing political climate it is more important than ever to quickly get the message to your community so that they can lend a voice to legislation that affect them. Join us as we review how integrating iMIS with SoftEdge Congress Plus can seamlessly get the message out and also write back critical engagement information to member's iMIS record which can be used for engagement scoring, reporting and dashboards. Congress Plus is the leading platform for grassroots advocacy and government relations with a built-in solution for helping your advocacy campaigns stand out.

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Travel Restrictions Affecting Your Event? Go Virtual!

Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Time: 3:00 PM ET (1:00-2:00 PM MT)

Presenter: Lance Simon, Senior Director, Blue Sky eLearn

We've seen it in the past. Outbreaks, travel bans, terrorist attacks and shrinking budgets affect travel around the world, and as a result your events may be at risk. As the current Coronavirus outbreak continues to grow, more and more organizations are seeing lower attendance rate or in some cases being forced to cancel their events and conferences. Wouldn't it be nice to know your options and plan contingencies appropriately? In this webinar we will review options to help offset lower attendance rates or even having to cancel a conference completely. We'll review:

  • Hybrid meetings
  • Pre-recording
  • Live Streaming
  • Live Streaming replays
  • Webinars
  • Options for issuing Continuing Education Credits
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Supporting Remote Staff Who Need to Use iMIS

Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Time: 3:00 PM ET (1:00-2:00 PM MT)

Presenter: Randy Richter, Director of Technology, Partner

Organizations are looking for the solutions to provide iMIS access to remote staff. The traditional methods of VPN and terminal servers can work but present their own challenges. Alternatively, many staff can perform the tasks of their job by using the iMIS Staff Site. This webinar will talk about some of the tools and techniques that can be implemented to support remote staff using iMIS. We will talk about some of the challenges with traditional models and some of the opportunities to use the latest iMIS solutions.

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iMIS Cloud 101 - Preparing for the Future

Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Time: 3:00 PM ET (1:00-2:00 PM MT)

Preparing for the iMIS Cloud doesn't just mean how to get your process and procedures cloud-ready once you have made the decision to move. Making sure your organization is ready can and should begin weeks, months, or more before the move to the iMIS Cloud. In this webinar, ATS staff discusses not only how to review current processes and procedures for cloud readiness, but, more importantly, ensuring that any new organizational initiates, reports, etc. are built "cloud-ready" from the beginning. Creating a focus on the iMIS Cloud now will provide a smoother transition in the future once the decision to upgrade to the iMIS Cloud is made.

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Leveraging RiSE to Capture Important Information During the Join/Renew Process

Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Time: 3:00 PM ET (1:00-2:00 PM MT)

Presenter: Randy Richter, Director of Technology, Partner
Presenter: Laura Tidquist, Senior iMIS Consultant
Presenter: Michelle Clemovich, Senior iMIS Consultant
Moderator: Richard Banks, Sales Manager

Many organizations have a need to collect additional information when a prospect is joining or renewing. This webinar will provide examples of how to integrate a RiSE profile into the process to join using the RiSE checkout or the ATS Online Marketplace. We will discuss the best practices around what to ask in the profile and what to ask when the person joins or renews with the end goal of making the join/renew process streamlined for the prospects and members.

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