ATS iParts For iMIS: Adding Another Piece To iMIS Performance

What are iParts (also known as Dynamic Content Items or Web Parts)? Quite simply, they’re small software applications that can be used to extend the functionality of iMIS through the RiSE Web Engagement Platform. Over the years, ATS has developed many of these to help solve our customer’s unique challenges, even winning the 2013 ASI Vertical Innovation Award for our Pass-Through Page iPart for iMIS.

Check out our current offerings below. Let us know if you have a special challenge that we can solve with a new iPart. We’re continually developing innovative iParts to meet the needs of our customers.



Chat for iMIS- The Next Level in Customer Care

Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Time: 3:00 PM ET (1:00-1:30 PM MT)

Presenter: Brent Sitton, Director of Product Development
Presenter: Stephanie Mareski, Director of Member Support, EPCOR

Are you looking to provide unparalleled customer care support? Have you ever used a chat feature on another website and thought it could also benefit your community? Join us as we review how ATS' Chat module can do just that by integrating SnapEngage with iMIS to allow your community to get immediate help while also tracking that information on their individual iMIS record. During this webinar we will also explore how EPCOR is using the tool to provide world-class customer support and how they are leveraging the chat information for quality control and member engagement scoring.

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Advanced IQA Layout and Formatting with ATS Custom Query Display iPart

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

iMIS gives associations the ability to conduct extensive queries, but if you're like many of our customers, you've found the output format less than ideal. ATS created the Custom Query Display iPart in response to this need. Join us to learn about the freedom and flexibility this iPart provides to take control over your query results layout and formatting.

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Chat for iMIS - Customer Service for Millennials

Date: Wednesday, February 22 2017

You've heard the numbers – Millennials will give you ONE opportunity to prove your value to them. If they can't find what they need immediately, that opportunity may be GONE.

Discover what one association has done to solve this pressing customer service need by implementing technology that Millennials prefer over phone calls. Byron Patterson of JCAPHO will walk us through how they have implemented online chat to provide immediate help at the instant the member or prospect is on the site trying to gain access.

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Navigating Your Way Through the Different iPart Options

Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2016

iMIS iParts provide powerful capability but it can be challenging to understand which iParts to use in order to solve a problem. We will demonstrate features such as displaying different pages based on member type, creating user defined panels and tracking changes to these fields, creating a wizard style join process, and creating multi-dimensional charts.

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Upgrading Your Customer Care with the NEW ATS Chat Module for iMIS

Have you ever used the chat option on a website to get a question answered quickly? Do you wish you could offer the same convenient customer service to your site visitors? Now you can with the new ATS Chat Module for iMIS. The ATS Chat Module allows organizations to communicate with its members online, in real-time, while accessing their iMIS record and recording chat text. Join us as we review how it works.

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