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imis20We’re not just AN authorized iMIS solutions provider. We’re THE iMIS solutions provider, 100% focused on helping associations like yours unleash the full force of this robust software solution. We know iMIS top to bottom, front to back, inside and out. Better yet, as former leaders with associations, we also know the obstacles facing nonprofits like yours. With thousands of technology projects under our belt, we’re experts at optimizing iMIS to help you overcome these challenges. Bring us your biggest challenges. We’ll answer them with brilliant solutions.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the work we’ve done for our clients , and read what they have to say about us . Our reputation speaks for itself.

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iMIS Cloud is the latest edition of iMIS. It is 100% Desktop free and cloud‐based.

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  • Get New Features
  • Enjoy Automatic Updates
  • Seamless Integration with Restful API
  • Best-in-Class Security
  • Reduce IT Expense
  • Powered by Micosoft Azure

Ready for the Cloud?

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How Organizations are Maximizing Their Educational Content


Join us as our panel reviews their member's different educational needs and how they configured a solution to address them.

iMIS Financial Functions - Where Are They Now?


Join us as we review what financial functionality has been moved to the staff site and what still remains in the desktop.

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ATS Custom Bridges & Integrations Bridge to Your Data.
And Connect to Big Benefits.

Your member information is far too valuable to leave in silos. Despite what you may have been told, you don’t have to. ATS Bridges integrate iMIS with over 50 third-party applications, enabling data to be shared between them seamlessly and painlessly. Peach New Media. Blue Sky Broadcast. Go To Webinar. Real Magnet. Whatever the application, with ATS Bridges, you can connect to your data and reap real benefits.

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ATS Custom Online Marketplace Make More of Your Online Store.

Want your members to buy more goods and services, spend more time and money, and return to your store more often? Give them the smooth shopping experience they’ve come to expect through the ATS iMIS Online Marketplace. Featuring full iMIS integration, intuitive navigation, and attractive, responsive design, it delivers all the bells and whistles of top Internet shopping sites. Better branding, happier customers and higher return are sure to follow.

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Bring us your biggest challenges. We’ll answer them with brilliant solutions. We’re Association Technology Solutions (ATS), the iMIS solutions provider 100% dedicated to helping associations like yours unleash the power of this robust software solution. We know iMIS top to bottom, inside and out. What’s more, we know the many challenges, requirements and obstacles facing non-profits of all sizes – and how to optimize iMIS’s functionality to help you overcome them.

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