ATS Client Testimonials

With just a few custom iparts, the experts at ATS unlocked the full capabilities of an out-of-the-box RiSE site for iUG. Better yet, the entire process was cost-effective and stress free. Michele Morgan, Executive Director, iUG International
Working with ATS has truly been a pleasure. We were on a very tight schedule because our old database was being eliminated within six months. ATS got us up and running before our old database was gone and was helpful in setting us up so the new iMIS database is even more useful. T.J. Cantwell,
 Director, Member Engagement, Lutheran Services in America
ATS understood our needs and was able to meet them right out of the box, centralizing everything in iMIS. Very quickly, with minimal downtime and no real problems, we were up and running with a website we can really be proud of. Greg Wacker, Director of Information Technology, Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association

On behalf of all of us associated with the Colorado Association of Nonprofit Organizations (CANPO) as well as the 1200 nonprofit agencies making up our membership, I want to let you know how much we are benefiting from using the iMIS nonprofit software that we purchased from your company.

Even for a "marginal" computer person like me, finding and retrieving information from iMIS is very easily accomplished. This system gives us a very simple way to track our members, associates, and donors yet can produce the sophisticated reports we need.

We would be happy to demonstrate our system to other nonprofit organizations who may be deciding whether or not to purchase the system for themselves.

Barbara J. Shaw, Executive Director, Colorado Association of Nonprofit Organizations (CANPO)

We needed to switch from our current system to iMIS because we needed a fund-raising system that was also a complete membership system and iMIS was the only solution that handled both.

With iMIS, we can better solicit our customers because we have a good profile on each of them. We know how much money they donated, if they had attended a certain banquet, which funds they donated to, and more. We had tried to track this information in our previous system, but just couldn't get the information out of the program.

With iMIS we also have happier customers, iMIS makes us look smarter. We can answer our customer's questions in one phone call, because all of their information is right there on one screen. For example, we can quickly see when their gun case went out or what date their premium came in. We don't have to hunt down that information and call them back later.

For the four years that we had Blackbaud, we were losing employees because they were unhappy working 45-50 hours a week, on evenings and weekends, from February to June to keep up with the data entry," said Weyandt. "With iMIS we now are able to meet deadlines and send out magazines to constituents on a timely basis. Many of our 600 chapters hold banquets in the spring and send us their attendee lists so we can enter the data into the system in time for them to receive the next edition of our magazine. All of which means we're working under a tight deadline. With our old system, we had to go in and out of screens for data entry, but with iMIS everything is right there on one screen.

Support is the best part of iMIS. Support is available locally. When we call Authorized iMIS Solution Provider ATS's offices in Denver, they call us right back. You could call Blackbaud all day and they wouldn't call you back, and when they did, they didn't have an answer to your problem. With iMIS I feel like we are truly customers for life.

Diane Weyandt, Membership Director, Pheasants Forever