Scrape Solution

The ATS Scrape Solution provides your organization with a unique method of combining the design template from your non-iMIS website with the dynamic, database-driven web content provided by RiSE. The advantages include:

  • Keeping your existing web site infrastructure/CMS while retaining the ability to leverage the benefits of RISE.
  • Creating and maintaining a single web design - the RISE site wrapper updates automatically as you update your main web site.
  • Maintaining a consistent look and feel for both your existing website and your iMIS/RISE content, even if they are hosted on different servers.
  • Preserving customizations built into your non-iMIS website, such as login/logout links, "welcome" text, etc., even on the RISE site.
  • Compatibility with most non-iMIS content management systems including WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, Sharepoint, Ektron, in-house developed sites, and more.

In most cases, all aspects of your non-iMIS website design will work when applied to RiSE including fully-functional navigation menus, search boxes, etc. When combined with SSO (single sign-on), your members won't even notice when they are switching between RiSE and non-iMIS webpages!


The examples below show what is possible with the ATS Scrape Solution. Use the blue bar in the middle of each image to reveal more of each screenshot. The left image shows what the RiSE sites looked like with an out-of-the-box RiSE theme applied, and the right shows the same page after applying the scrape.


Integrating iMIS with WordPress

Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Many organizations have chosen WordPress as their content management system (CMS) of choice. Others have chosen RiSE as their sole CMS solution. What about organizations that want to leverage their investment in WordPress while using RiSE for account management and ecommerce? This webinar will discuss the solutions that ATS provides to address these issues including the new ATS WordPress Bridge for iMIS. This bridge includes full single sign-on (SSO) and will allow an organization to lock down content in WordPress based on member type, iMIS roles, or even an IQA query. Our unique "scraping" technology allows your RiSE site to have the exact look and feel of your WordPress site while leveraging the functionality of iMIS. If your technology roadmap includes support for both RiSE and WordPress, then this webinar is for you.

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Scraping Your Existing Web Design into RiSE

Are you looking to keep your existing web site design and CMS, but still have the ability to leverage the benefits of RiSE? Do you want to maintain your design and navigation in only one system? Do you want a seamless transition when navigating between RiSE and non-RiSE pages? Join us as we review how organizations can scrape their existing CMS web design (look & feel) into RiSE allowing for fully-functional navigation menus, search boxes and much more. We will also discuss strategies for determining which pages are best served in RiSE and which to keep in your existing CMS.

Watch the Recorded Webinar Download the Webinar Slides