An iMIS-Integrated Constant Contact is a Cost Effective & Powerful Email Solution

Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Time: 3:00 PM ET (1:00-2:00 PM MT)

Presenter: Randy Richter, Director of Technology, Partner
Moderator: Richard Banks, Sales Manager

Constant Contact, a leading provider of email marketing, is now a part of the iMIS Bridge platform. The bridge will allow iMIS users to push contacts via an IQA, including demographics and tags, to Constant Contact. Creating lists in iMIS with IQA's that will be synced with Constant Contact ensures that any changes made to individual's records in your iMIS database can be leveraged for impactful marketing activity. The bridge will also write back actions into iMIS as activities including sends, bounces, opens, clicks, forwards, and opt-outs, You can even create communication preference links to allow recipients to manage their communication preferences in iMIS without logging in. Join us as we review this exciting bridge and best practices for using iMIS and Constant Contact for email marketing.

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