Best Practice - Homepage Banner/Slider Images

Out-of-the-box banner image

Size Recommendations

The iMIS out-of-the-box banner/slider images measure 1500px wide by 505px tall. Please note that the images used for the banner/slider should be formatted strictly for background use. Ideally, the image will not contain anything which cannot be trimmed off. If possible, have large sweeping areas that are OK to be trimmed. In the out-of-the-box "Cairns.jpg" (above), notice that the top ~1/3rd of the image is blue sky, and the bottom ~1/3rd is water. The primary focus of the image is the hotel which takes up about the middle 1/3rd of the image. It is recommended that your images be the same dimensions as the out-of-the-box samples.

Responsive Design Implications

The nature of responsive design related to these banner images is that different screen sizes will display the images differently. For example, on a full size monitor you'll get something like the following which has portions of the sky and water cut off:

Out-of-the-box image in full size monitor

However, on an iPhone 6 you'll get something like the image below which has a significant portion of the sides cut off:

Out of the box banner image in iPhone 6