Unify Your Learning System with the ATS iCohere LMS Bridge

Delivering eLearning opportunities to your members with iCohere? Make the most of your LMS strategy with the ATS iCohere Bridge for iMIS, the integration solution that allows valuable data to be shared between these two powerful applications. Seamlessly and painlessly.

The Bridge to Big Benefits

By integrating iMIS and iCohere via the ATS Bridge, you can optimize the value of your data to enhance member engagement and increase revenue.

Key Features

  • Offer a single sign-on to give members a seamless user experience between iCohere and iMIS.
  • Take orders for iCohere products in iMIS, and automatically send the order to the iCohere platform.
  • Write course completion data back to the member's record in iMIS including completion date, credit hours, credit hour type, and score.
  • Allow users to update contact information in iCohere and push changes back to iMIS.

Supported Use Cases

  • Course access can be purchased in iMIS as a product, event, or subscription.  Upon successful checkout, course registrations are pushed to iCohere with the option to send a confirmation e-mail from iCohere.  
  • Once registered for a course, registrants access their course(s) via a Single sign-on application using their iMIS credentials.
  • Upon completion of the course, iCohere will write back completion data to iMIS including the credit hours and type (where applicable).  These data can then be used for reporting purposes or to create CEU records per the organization's needs.
  • If you have a use case that is not listed or would like additional information, please Contact ATS.

Purchase Process

Course Completion

Easy Does It: Integration Made Simple

The ATS methodology for bridges uses the iMIS API's to achieve the results you expect from a world-class integration. We work closely with third-party partners to use their API's in the most efficient manner. We pride ourselves on building integrations that work on many versions of iMIS. This means that when you upgrade iMIS the bridges will continue to work without having to be rewritten.

The results of this methodology include:

  • Compatibility with all versions of iMIS (unless otherwise noted) using the appropriate iMIS API's that work best with your version of iMIS.
  • The flexibility of on-premise or hosted models for the software.
  • Easy set-up and one-time configuration including installation services from ATS.

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Unified Learning: Using Engagement Data to Drive eLearning Design

Member engagement data is driving the way associations develop e-Learning programs. Join us as we review how organizations are leveraging data integrated between iMIS and iCohere to create diverse educational programs, including webinars, as well as a robust learning community portal designed to increase member value and retention.

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