Integrating Sitecore and iMIS with the ATS Sitecore iMIS Bridge

The iMIS RiSE platform is a robust content management system that "knows who you are". Some clients have existing websites in Sitecore or have heavy investments in the Sitecore platform. For those clients who cannot migrate all content to iMIS, ATS provides the Sitecore iMIS bridge. This bridge will require some development by your Sitecore team. It does provide a single sign on experience using the iMIS username and password. In addition, once you are login you are logged in to both Sitecore and RiSE.

The Bridge To Big Benefits

By integrating iMIS and Sitecore via the ATS Bridge, you can optimize the value of your Sitecore platform. Consider the benefits:

  • Offer a single sign-on to give members a seamless user experience between Sitecore and iMIS
  • Pull data from iMIS into Sitecore based on a token including the following: iMIS ID, prefix, first name, middle name, last name, suffix, designation, full name, email address, ismember, iMIS roles, custom roles (any grouping you want to define in iMIS) , and committees.

Easy Does It: Integration Made Simple

Gaining all the benefits of iMIS and Sitecore integration is a snap with the ATS iMIS Bridge. We offer everything it takes to get started quickly and easily, assuring:

  • Compatibility with all versions of iMIS using the .NET iMIS Business Objects and Web Services (from 10-20)
  • An upgradeable, secure solution that accommodates several flexible deployment models
  • Easy set-up and one time configuration. In fact, ATS can even complete the implementation.

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