The ATS Passkey Bridge:
Providing integration with the Passkey room block management platform

Passkey makes it easy to manage your room blocks and hotel bookings online.

Filling your room block just got more simple. Here's why:

No matter the size of the next event, Passkey makes it easy to manage your room blocks and hotel bookings online. With Passkey, you'll:

  • Fill contracted room blocks faster
  • Minimize the risk for attrition
  • Get real-time data on pickup rates, available rooms and more
  • Save time and money automating group bookings

The ATS Passkey Bridge provides pass through integration from iMIS registrations to make it easier for your attendees to book rooms. Key features include:

  • The ability to prohibit registrants from booking a room until they are registered for the event in iMIS.
  • The ability to pass registrant information to Passkey to streamline the room booking process.
  • The ability to specify room blocks based on a query of iMIS. This process would allow your regular attendees, exhibitors, and VIP's to all be limited to certain room blocks at Passkey based on information in iMIS.

Easy Does It: Integration Made Simple

Gaining all the benefits of iMIS and Passkey integration is a snap with the ATS iMIS Bridge. We offer everything it takes to get started quickly and easily, assuring:

  • Compatibility with all versions of iMIS using the .NET iMIS Business Objects and Web Services (from 10-20) and Restful webservices.
  • An upgradeable, secure solution that accommodates several flexible deployment models
  • Easy set-up and one time configuration

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