Integrating HubSpot and iMIS with the ATS HubSpot iMIS Bridge

Powerful, Not Overpowering

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Key Features

  • Ability to push contacts from iMIS to HubSpot via an IQA. This will dynamically create and populate new columns in HubSpot that are added to the IQA.
  • Ability to push mailing lists from iMIS to HubSpot via IQAs. This will dynamically create and populate new mailing lists in HubSpot based on creating an IQA.
  • Ability to retrieve mailing activity from HubSpot and update iMIS with opens, clicks, unsubscribes.
  • Ability to create communication tokens to be able to be inserted into your emails to allow readers to update communication preferences in iMIS without logging in.

Supported Use Cases

  • You can use HubSpot as an email platform. By creating an IQA of contacts in iMIS, those can be synced on a regular basis to HubSpot. Any custom demographics such as paid through date or join date can be added to the IQA as columns. The data in those columns will be synched to HubSpot. If the demographic doesn’t exist in HubSpot, the bridge will dynamically create a new field for that column and start populating it. Using the Mailing List setup, you can create one or more IQA’s of mailing lists. Similarly if those mailing lists don’t exist in HubSpot they will be automatically created. Once they are created, the mailing list will be synced with the IQA. That means as people are added or removed from the IQA, they will be added or removed from the mailing lists. This can be used for processes such as sending our renewal notices or welcome to the association emails. Once the email has been sent, information about delivery, bounces, opens, and clicks are written back to iMIS as activities. Those can then be used by customer service or in subsequent IQA’s or dashboards.
  • If you would like to leverage the iMIS communication preferences for emails, you can use this tool to create communication preference tokens. Those can then be added to the IQA and they will be synced to the mailing list. Then that information can be incorporated into your email to allow readers to click on the link to manage their communication preferences in iMIS without logging in.
  • Clients who don’t want to use HubSpot as a mailing platform can still leverage the benefits of using HubSpot for lead tracking. For example, this integration could be used to track prospects to exhibit at an annual conference. Records can be synced from iMIS to HubSpot. Then the marking features of HubSpot can be used to manage the prospect and convert the lead into a sale.
  • If you have a use case that is not listed or would like additional information, please Contact ATS.

Easy Does It: Integration Made Simple

The ATS methodology for bridges uses the iMIS API's to achieve the results you expect from a world-class integration. We work closely with third-party partners to use their API's in the most efficient manner. We pride ourselves on building integrations that work on many versions of iMIS. This means that when you upgrade iMIS the bridges will continue to work without having to be rewritten.

The results of this methodology include:

  • Compatibility with all versions of iMIS (unless otherwise noted) using the appropriate iMIS API's that work best with your version of iMIS.
  • The flexibility of on-premise or hosted models for the software.
  • Easy set-up and one-time configuration including installation services from ATS.

Learn More About HubSpot


Getting the Most Out of Your Email Marketing

Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Time: 3:00 PM ET (1:00-2:00 PM MT)

Presenter: Randy Richter, Director of Technology, Partner
Moderator: Richard Banks, Sales Manager

Email marketing is a critical component of association communication and member engagement, but are you getting the most out of your solution? An iMIS-integrated email marketing solution can help by making it easy to dynamically target specific audiences based on information found in iMIS. It allows you to use iMIS communication opt-in/out preferences to handle unsubscribes so that your community gets the information they want to receive and pushing back vital information about how your member interacts with your correspondence back to iMIS so that it can be used for dashboards and engagement scoring to guide your organization in critical decision making. Join us as we review the many integrated email options.

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