The ATS EDlumina Bridge:
Providing integration with the EDlumina Platform

Educational Software Solutions

About EDlumina

The EDlumina line of educational software solutions provides schools and institutions alike with a full-service online education platform. Track your students from lead to alumni and everything in between, including admissions processing, tracking student progress and attendance all in one convenient online place. Perfect for 100% online schools and traditional schools in need of more flexible online options.

Key Features

  • Ability to push contacts to EDlumina so they can use the EDlumina system
  • Ability for EDlumina to write back activity records to iMIS to track engagement from the EDlumina system

Easy Does It: Integration Made Simple

  • Compatibility with all versions of iMIS using the .NET iMIS Business Objects and Web Services (from 10-20) and iMIS Cloud
  • An upgradeable, secure solution that accommodates several flexible deployment models
  • Easy set-up and one time configuration.

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