Integrating Drupal and iMIS with the ATS Drupal iMIS Bridge

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ATS has created a Drupal Login Web service.  With this application a web user can log into a Drupal CMS and leverage a single sign on to communicate with an iMIS backend. The following operations are supported. Find out more on the drupal community site.

  • Change Password: Change the username and password for the iMIS record that matches the old username and password.
  • Username Exists: Used to determine if a given username already exists in iMIS.
  • Validate Login: Determine which iMIS record the username and password belong to.
  • Validate Login with Data: Determine which iMIS record the username and password belongs to and returns key data fields.

Additionally this bridge now includes a Single Sign On to allow you to login to iMIS and Drupal at the same time.​

This Web Service is compatible with Drupal versions 5 & 6 and iMIS series 10 & 15 & 20. It does leverage iMIS IBO which is a pre-requisite to utilizing this application. For more information and pricing please request a quote at your convenience.

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