2019.01.9876 - 2019.43.10622

2019.43.10622 - October 2019

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  •  General
    • Modify retrieval of setting to minimize possibility of corruption after an application pool recycle.  (CW55154)
    • Optimize usage of cart coupons with more than one category that would sometimes cause a stack overflow error.  (CW55193)

2019.43.10615 - October 2019

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  • Billing
    •  Corrected issue with paid through dates being incorrectly set because of an issue with the Marketplace selecting the wrong product code on the customer type table.  Now, it only uses the primary dues item to determine the main paid through date.  (CW55042)
  • General
    •  Modification to utilities used to build image whitelist domains. (CW55034)
    •  Corrected issue with saving event Store_Settings in the administrative portal. (CW55068)

2019.42.10605 - September 2019

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  •  General
    • Modified handling of Store_Settings.  Added additional error trapping and exception management to identify issues where settings get blanked out in memory.  Also, corrected an issue with the lblBridgeNotSynchedMessage setting.  It will not be shown in situations where the URL to the third-party solution is blank. (CW54987)

2019.41.10596 - September 2019

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  •  Events
    • Corrected an issue that would cause the list of people you can register to disappear when clicking on a name in the list of people to register. (CW54826, CW54706)
    • Corrected issue when a URL contains an invalid event code.If the event code is invalid/does not exist a message will now display that the event is not setup yet for taking registrations. (CW54896)
  • Billing
    • Corrected issue with wildcard dues product codes in customer type table setup. (CW54846, CW54780)
  •  General
    • Corrected issue with On Behalf Of from the staff site and impersonation from the administrative portal. (CW54851)

2019.39.10566 - September 2019

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    • General
      • Deprecated the ErrorsToEmail entry in the appSettings.config file. New functionality includes modified error
        reporting. Please refer to the Staff Email Notifications and Error Reporting section of the user’s
        guide for setting up these important changes. (CW54447)
        • New Store_Setting
          • LblBridgeNotSynchedMessage – this text setting is the message that will be displayed when a
            transaction that is linked to a bridge does not sync. Default: Access to your content is not
            available at this time.
      • Improved credit card checkout functionality by pre-filling the customer’s name, address and postal code. Also,
        the cursor will be focused on the full name field, which is the first field on the page. (CW54378)
      • Improved Bootstrap Implementation – in a handful of cases we were using the bootstrap row class without an
        outer class of container. Those have been corrected. One change was made to the core stylesheet for
        .storewrapper .fullcart .row. (CW54304)
    • Billing
      • Added caching on the initial dues.aspx page. If specific data is required for joining or renewing and a
        member logged in, went to the Marketplace dues.aspx page, then updated their profile to change the
        required data element, the dues.aspx page was not cached and didn’t recognize the data change. Now,
        each time a person goes to that page it will be cached to refresh all of the data from the record. (CW54560)
    •  Billing
      • Corrected issue to correctly set mid-year additions when a member has multiple primary dues items. (CW54374)
      • Corrected issue when determining renew eligibility when a member has multiple primary dues items. (CW54376)
      • Corrected issue where dues products with special pricing and proration, when proration was a percentage, was
        being doubled. (CW54548)
      • Corrected issue to sync paid through dates to primary dues item when adding a new subscription. (CW54373)
    • General
      • Modified specials to display if there are no current specials regardless of what the Store_Setting ShowSpecials is
        set to. (CW54448)

2019.34.10494 - August 2019

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    • Events
      • Added support for ‘Allow registering others’ checkbox in the staff site.  The AllowRegisterSomeoneElse entry in the Store_Settings general lookup table must be set to false in order for this to work on an event-by-event basis. (CW53672)
      • Improve performance when building the list when Register Someone Else is enabled. (CW53928)
    • Billing
      • Added Pay Later option for joins and renewals:  See the user’s guide for detailed information. (CW53685)
        • New Store_Settings:
          • AllowDuesJoinPayLater - True/False setting that when set to true the pay later button displays on the dues summary screen for joins.
          • AllowDuesRenewPayLater - True/False setting that when set to true the pay later button displays on the dues summary screen for renewals.
          • DuesJoinPayLaterNotice – Text that displays to the user when joining and pay later option is enabled.
          • DuesRenewPayLaterNotice – Text that displays to the user when renewing and pay later option is enabled.
          • DuesJoinPayLaterButtonText – Text on button to pay later on a join.
          • DuesRenewPayLaterButtonText – Text on button to pay later on a renewal.
          • DuesJoinPayLaterButtonLink – URL of the page a person joining will be taken to on the button click.
          • DuesRenewPayLaterButtonLink – URL of the page a person renewing will be taken to on the button click.
      • Added support for bump proration with enSYNC Online AutoDraft. (CW53222)
    • Billing
      • Corrected issue with Store_Unbilled_Dues general lookup table when only specifying a product code. (CW53634)
      • Corrected issue when paying someone else’s dues would give the logged in nonmember member pricing. (CW53771)
      • Corrected issue when/if complimentary dues items were selected at checkout. (CW53604)
    • General
      • Modified style of the Store Home button when an error is displayed. (CW53606)
      • Corrected issue where gateway reference numbers were not being saved on ACH (Telecheck) payments. (CW53603)

2019.31.10424 - July 2019

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    • Administrative Portal
      • Enhanced Product Images audit under Products to view product images and whitelist domains. (CW53097)
    • Orders
      • Modified encryption method of watermarked PDF electronic documents to support newer Acrobat versions. (CW53027)
    • Administrative Portal
      • Corrected issue with false-positive in the administrative portal for AutoDraft licensing. (CW53024)
      • Modified storeadmin page to use the store admin wrapper instead of the store wrapper. (CW53062)
      • Modified Refresh Web Server Variables utility in the administrative portal.  Clicking the link to Refresh Web Server Variables will clear the cache for all users of the system without an application pool recycle. (CW53091)
      • Correct issue when using the import coupons feature. (CW53221)

2019.27.10309 - July 2019

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    • Billing
      • Changed how complimentary dues products work. To determine if there is an item can be paid, the rule is, if the
        bill through date is greater than or equal to the contact paid through date and the subscription balance is greater
        than 0 then the item can be paid.
        All subscription lines in the billing cycle need to meet this criterion with the following exceptions.
        • If a subscription item is marked as complimentary then you can still renew other items.
          o If a subscription item has a bill through date greater than or equal to the contact paid through date and
          the amount billed is 0 and the balance due is 0.
          In these situations, the person will still be able to renew even though these items will have a balance of 0.
        • Made an enhancement to not display an error if the SQL view name listed in the
          ATS_DUES.Company_Authorization field if the view returns blank results in the CO_ID column. We do
          recommend that your view not return any blanks but if it does an error will not display. (CW52908)
    • Events
      • Optimized code to greatly improve performance when selecting functions on registration form. (CW53002)
    • General
      • Corrected issue when no text exists on the PaymentNotice entry in Store_Settings that Bootstrap was still
        showing part of the box. That has been corrected and nothing will display. (CW52954)
    • Events 
      • Corrected issue if only a country was set on an event address the Google map would try to display. (CW53000)
      • Corrected issue with Store_Event_Meeting_Resources when not all of the entries were populated that none would
        display. Now, any entries with data will display and empty entries will not cause the entire tab row to display.
    • Orders
      • Optimize and address out of memory errror when downloading large electronic documents. (CW53023)

2019.23.10216 - June 2019

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  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Upgraded Bootstrap to version 4.1.3. (CW51832)
      • Added ability to import coupons via webservice. Please contact ATS for assistance with this utility. (CW51198)
      • Modified Administrator Payment Options to also include Pay Later (Purchase Orders). When a customer is impersonated from the administrative portal and the Staff Only Administrator options are enabled staff will see the purchase order button to allow for a product purchase or registration without payment. (CW52057)
      • Added coupon description to Coupon_Use activities. (CW51301/CW50765)
      • Added a modal ‘Add to Cart’ window. Anytime someone adds an item to the cart a popup will display with the mini-cart and options to continue shopping, view cart/checkout or pay now. (CW51835)
      • Implemented one-click check out for $0 items. Customers with items in their cart that have no fee and do not require shipping or tax will be presented with a button to immediately checkout. After clicking the place order button, they will see the receipt. This is an excellent option for free PDF documents or free webinars. (CW51844)
      • View Cart button will now be disabled when no items are in the cart. (CW51843)
      • Enhanced searching for people at a company when paying dues and registering others. As you type in the search box the names are quickly filtered to only show first and/or last names in the search. (CW51833)
      • New Store_Setting
        • lblErrorText – This is a text entry that will display a note when an error occurs. The default text is: A copy of this error has been sent to the administrator. If this occurred during checkout, please contact the office before resubmitting your payment. (CW51836)
      • Added option to force scrape to TLS 1.2. (CW52113)
      • Improved performance through caching. Settings from the general lookup tables were pulled once per session but now they are pulled once per application start. This means that they will be read and held in memory until the application pool recycles. This also means that any changes by staff need to be followed by a recycle the application pool for the Marketplace. (CW51831)
      • Created a collapsible panel to calculate tax when a product is not shippable but is taxable. (CW51857)
      • Significant changes were made throughout the Marketplace to improve accessibility. Labels were modified to tie to the text box or input object. (CW51834)
      • Added a new column in the administrative portal under Setup>>Financial on the review batch settings page to confirm that the gateway name is in the web.config file. (CW51839)
      • Buttons are now styled with bootstrap classes. The expectation is that navigation buttons will have a class of “btn btn-primary” and other buttons on the page will be “btn btn-secondary”. If a button previously had a class then that class will be appended to the bootstrap class. (CW51830)
        • Button classes


          btn btn-primary TextButton homebutton

          View Orders

          btn btn-primary TextButton viewordersbutton


          btn btn-primary TextButton searchbutton

          View Cart

          btn btn-primary TextButton viewcartbutton


          btn btn-primary TextButton checkoutbutton

          Continue Shopping

          btn btn-primary TextButton continueshoppingbutton


          btn btn-primary TextButton loginbutton

          Send Email

          btn btn-primary TextButton emailbutton


          btn btn-primary TextButton savebutton


          btn btn-warning TextButton cancelbutton


          btn btn-primary TextButton paybutton

          Add To Cart

          btn btn-primary TextButton addtocartbutton


          btn btn-secondary TextButton backbutton


          btn btn-secondary TextButton nextbutton

          Join/Renew or Register Someone Else

          btn btn-primary TextButton someoneelsebutton


          btn btn-primary TextButton detailsbutton


          btn btn-primary TextButton registerbutton

          Calendar View

          btn btn-secondary TexdtButton calendarviewbutton

          Calendar Schedule View

          btn btn-secondary TextButton calendarscheduleviewbutton

          Calendar List View

          btn btn-secondary TextButton calendarlistviewbutton

          Backorder Email

          btn btn-secondary TextButton backorderemailbutton

          Delete button (in cart)

          btn btn-secondary TextButton deletebutton

          Edit Guest Badges

          btn btn-secondary TextButton guestbadgesbutton

          Remove Payment Plan

          btn btn-danger TextButton removepaymentplanbutton

          Accept Payment Plan Disclaimer

          btn btn-primary TextButton acceptbutton

          Payment Plan

          Btn btn-primary TextButton paymentplanbutton

          Change Payment Plan

          btn btn-primary TextButton changebutton

          Calculate (Shipping and Tax)

          btn btn-primary TextButton calculatebutton

          Personal Coupons

          btn btn-secondary TextButton couponbutton

          Add To Calendar

          btn btn-primary TextButton addtocalendarbutton

          Dues – Edit Join/Renew that is in cart

          btn btn-primary TextButton editbutton

          Dues – Add Join/Renew

          btn btn-primary TextButton addbutton

      • Image Whitelisting – Implemented support for image whitelisting to ensure no malicious attacks can happen through image URL’s. (CW50233/CSW50314)
        NOTE: Images that do not have an entry in this table will display as broken links.
        • New General Lookup Table: ATS_Image_Handler_Whitelist – this general lookup table will contain the prefixes of URL’s for images displayed for products and events in the Marketplace. For example, if an image URL is set to https://sandbox.atsol.org/store/images/nophoto.png the entry in the Gen table would be:
          • Code: 1
          • Expansion: blank
          • Description: sandbox.atsol.org
        • You can whitelist an entire domain (sandbox.atsol.org) or you can restrict it even further to something like sandbox.atsol.org/images. If it is a relative URL (i.e. /images/nophoto.jpg) then enter a URL of /images in the general lookup table.
    • Billing
      • New Store_Settings
        • ConfigDuesCouponsIncludeVolItems – True/False setting. If set to true, dues coupons will include VOL items for dollars off and percentage off coupons. When set to false, VOL dues items will not be discounted when a dues coupon is used. The default for this setting is false. The only is applicable when there are no product code or product category restrictions on the dues coupon. (CW51850)
      • Header Display in Dues – these 3 new Store_Settings will control the display of the header when someone is joining or renewing. (CW51370/CW50954)
        • lblDuesBillingCategory – This is a label that prefaces the dues billing category. If the label is blank or the billing category on the record is blank, this line will not display. Default value is ‘Current Billing Category’.
        • lblDuesMemberType – This is a label that prefaces the member/customer type. If the label is blank neither the member type nor label will display. Default value is ‘Current Member Type’.
        • LblDuesPaidThroughDate – This is a label that prefaces the paid through date. If the label is blank or the paid through date is blank, this line will not display. Default value is ‘Last Paid Through Date’.
      • Added a message that displays when a member already has one or more dues items paid. This is a generic message that they are not eligible and to contact the office. (CW51847)
      • Made significant design changes to the dues wizard to make it more consistent and easier to read/use. Also, increased performance when searching to pay someone else’s dues. (CW51849)
      • Added a message to display when a person has no options to join and no catchall row exists in the ATS_DUES table. (CW51848)
    • Events
      • Implemented bulk registration. Events with only one function and no questions will display a list of people the logged in person is eligible to register that they just check a box by each person’s name and add all registrations to the cart. (CW51854)
      • Modified display of multi-line questions to be more mobile friendly. (CW51853)
      • Modified event display tabs to use Bootstrap for event detail tabs. (CW51852)
    • Donations
      • Improved layout of donations page. (CW51851)
    • Administrative Portal
      • Added administrative interface to check dues options for an ID. Added a new menu item under Dues which will allow you to enter and ID number and see which rows in the ATS_DUES table the person is eligible to join or renew for. This will be helpful in determining why someone cannot join or renew. (CW51838)
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Corrected issue with being able to enter more than 40 characters in the purchase order field on the payment screen. (CW51300/CW50269)
      • Corrected issue where you could not create a coupon for over $1000 in the administrative portal. (CW51280/CW51248)
      • Corrected Issue with Google Analytics that was not providing all information at checkout. (CW51837)
      • Improved reporting of AutoDraft licensing in the administrative portal. (CW51840)
    • Billing
      • Corrected issue with dues proration when percentages were resulting in amounts that are a fraction of a penny. (CW52352)
    • Events
      • Corrected error with receipts and confirmation letters for cancel/transfer registrations. (CW52156)
      • Corrected issue when multiple registrations were in the cart and Google Analytics is enabled. (CW52534)
    • Orders
      • Corrected issue when an item in a kit was on backorder that the kit was not showing as on backorder. (CW51845)
    • Administrative Portal
      • Modified text that reported whether the Marketplace credit card demo mode is set to true or false under Setup>>Verify. (CW51842)
      • Corrected issue when you had a standard Order category and a web category with the same name that would display duplicate categories on the store homepage. (CW51846)
      • Updated list of optional general lookup tables under Setup>>Verify that can be used by the Online Marketplace. (CW51841)
      • Correct issue that would not allow you to view all coupons in the Manage Coupons area. (CW51915)

2019.19.10138 - May 2019

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  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Add option to force scrape to TLS 1.2. (CW52113)
  • Resolved Issues
    • Events
      • Corrected error with receipts and confirmation letters for cancel/transfer registrations. (CW52126)

2019.18.10093 - April 2019

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  • Enhancements
    • Events
      • Enhanced performance with carts with multiple registrations. (CW50588)
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Correct issue with the Clear Impersonation button not working in the administrative portal.  (CW51914)
      • Correct issue where Personal Coupons link appeared when a customer had no personal coupons.  Also made a stylesheet modification to ensure default style works with RiSE sites. (CW51916)
    • Billing
      • Corrected issue when setting a dues product category on a coupon.  The Restricted to Product Cat field in the Coupons table can be restricted to the 6 dues product categories of DUES, CHAPT, SEC, MISC, SUB and VOL.  Multiple categories can be added to the restriction by separating them with a comma and no space. (CW51200)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue when viewing a registration in the cart when ShowEventFunctionsAtCheckout that the accordion display of the functions wasn’t expanding. (CW51612)

2019.12.9990 - March 2019

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  • Enhancements
    • General
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
    • Billing
    • Events

2019.01.9876 - January 2019

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  • Enhancements
    • General 
      • Added audit under Setup>>Verify to determine if the AppSetting CreditCardDemoMode is set to true or false. (CW49461)
      • Added options to turn off scrape settings for troubleshooting. (CW49350)
        • ATSScrapeWrapper:  If set to off the wrapper will not be applied to the master page.
        • ATSScrapEverrideStylesPath:  If set to off the override styles will not be applied to the master page.
        • ATSScrapCustomScriptPath:  If set to off any custom scripts in the path will not be applied to the master page.
    • Billing
      • Added functionality to support the selection of a blank or non-blank billing category (Name.CATEGORY). (CW49507)
  • Resolved Issues
    • Events
      • Corrected issue where confirmation letter templates were not saving or being sent.  (CW49573)

2018.03.9191 - 2018.50.9846

2018.50.9846 - December 2018

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  • Enhancements
    • Billing
      • Added support for the Product_Code_Restriction, Product_Cat_Restriction and Member_Type_Restriction fields in the ATS_Payment_Options. (CW48816)
  • Resolved Issues
    • Billing
      • Corrected error when viewing page to add subscriptions. (CW49313)
      • Corrected issue with Online AutoDraft when bump proration is in effect with amounts and number of payments. (CW48818)

2018.46.9795 - November 2018

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  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Updated the Online Marketplace to honor the new management of cash accounts in iMIS. If a 'cash' cash account is updated in the Staff Site the Cash_Accounts.ACCOUNT_TYPE is set to 6 (historically, it was set to 0). The Marketplace now honors both the Desktop and Staff Site Settings. (CW48923)
        • ATS strongly recommends all Marketplace owners on current versions of iMIS install this upgrade.
      • Corrected issue that caused the tabs in the Highlights section to not display when ShowSpecials was set to true but no specials setup (Store_Specials or Store_Specials_Events). (CW48926)
      • Clarified the store administrative function to verify application settings in the administrative portal under Setup >> Verify. (CW48925)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue when a person was set as a speaker on more than one function they were being displayed multiple times in the speaker listing. (CW48807)
    • Billing
      • Modified dues renewal logic to allow for $0 items using the following criteria: (CW48895)
        • Look at all items in the billing cycle for that line item in ATS_DUES (except VOL items which are excluded).
        • If any of these products in the billing cycle are also in the person's subscription collection and the line has a status of A (Active), check to see if the following conditions exist. If one exists for each subscription record they will be able to renew.
          • Has a balance due
          • Marked complimentary
          • Subscriptions.BILL_THRU is greater than or equal to the Name.PAID_THRU

2018.44.9738 - October 2018

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  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Corrected an issue where a product without a category would not display in Newest Items. (CW47007)
      • Modified payment screen to use a drop-down for expiration year to be a 2-digit year. Previously, there were issues with customers entering a 4-digit year that caused voids at the payment processor. (CW47619)
      • Corrected issue to check for credit card expiration dates to be in the future. (CW47619)
      • Corrected issue with validator on State/Province field that was causing errors on records with no state/province. (CW48047)
      • Corrected issue that caused an error when the Store_Setting PaymentOnlineAutoDraftEnabled was set to false but PaymentCCSaveCards was set to true. (CW47617)
      • Corrected misspelling of Prefix on ‘Records with Invalid Prefix or Suffix’ administrative portal audit report. (CW48254)
      • Updates to Google Tag Manager (CW48018)
        • Google Tag Manager was not correctly reporting items on payment (after clicking the payment button). This has been corrected and will now post Google Tag Manager tags on checkout.
        • Corrected an issue with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics when the title of a product contained a single quote.
        • Corrected issue where Google Analytics were not being written correctly on $0 items.
      • Added licensing check for enSYNC Online AutoDraft (CW48288)
        • Added a check to the Verify page in the administrative portal to check if the ATS license is enabled.
        • Modified Online Marketplace to bypass payment plans and retrieval/saving of credit cards if enSYNC license is invalid.
      • Changed ‘State is Required’ text ‘State/Province is required’ when setting the shipping address. (CW48255)
      • Update Online Marketplace to use jQuery 3.3.1 and Telerik to 2018.3.910.45. (CW48397)
        • Clients who modified stylesheets for carousels will want to renew the stylesheets prior to go live.
        • Clients who were looking for a jQuery 3.3.1 update for PCI compliance should retest solutions.
        • Updated the administrative portal to enhance the Verify function to show missing and misconfigured appSettings.
        • Modified the master page to replace jQuery 1.12.2 to 3.3.1.
        • Updated Telerik to the latest version of 2018.3.910.45.
        • Modified Best Sellers, Cross-sell Items, Newest Items, Promotions, Recently Viewed, Replacement Items and Featured Items to use Slick for the slider instead of Telerik.
        • Modified Highlights to use Bootstrap for displaying tabs instead of Telerik.
        • Modified the individual item display in the carousels to be easier to style.
        • Modified Special Items and Upsell Items to use carousels instead of Telerik.
        • Modified stylesheet to handle new styles.
        • Deprecated MemberProfile capabilities in the Marketplace that had not been use.
        • Corrected issue with Replacement Items text displaying when there are no replacement items.
      • Updated Coupon Generator in the administrative portal to allow for the selection of multiple member types. (CW48095)
    • Dues/Billing
      • Corrected issues with SUB (subscription) entries in the ATS_DUES table. The Marketplace was not honoring configurations in the SUB row for individual subscriptions. (CW47933)
      • Modified Invalid Billing Cycles report in the administrative portal to report entries in ATS_DUES that include a billing cycle that doesn’t exist. (CW48458)

2018.33.9518 - September 2018

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  • Resolved Issues
    • Dues
      • Corrected issue where payment plan surcharges were not being charged on PayPal. (CW46873)
    • Orders
      • Corrected issue when a past order has bad data associated with it that a customer could not access electronic documents on current orders. (CW44500, CW43265)

2018.28.9416 - July 2018

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  • Resolved Issues
    • Events
      • Corrected issue when event codes start with the same string. For example, if there is an event code of 2018ANN and 2018ANNEXPO if you had registered for one you could not register for the other. This has been corrected. (CW46540)
      • Corrected issue when a new Boolean (yes/no) question is added to an event that already has existing registrations. (CW46538)

2018.26.9382 - June 2018

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  • Resolved Issues
    • Dues
      • Corrected use of ChapterProduct_Allow_Change and ChapterProduct_Always_Show in ATS_DUES to show the current chapters for a person but not allow change if the ChapterProduct_Allow_Change is set to false and ChapterProduct_Always_Show is set to true. (CW45507, CW43046)
      • Corrected an error when dues for multiple people are in the cart and one was removed that all dues items were removed. (CW45508)
      • Corrected an issue to correctly show CustomerType_Text and BillingCategory_Text in ATS_Dues when members are changing their member type and/or category. (CW45509, CW44323)
      • Corrected issue when selecting a payment plan with ‘required autorenewal’ set to true. The system was not setting the AutoDraft payment as perpetual. (CW45923)
      • Corrected error with zero-dollar orders when Online AutoDraft and ‘save credit cards’ is enabled. (CW46270)
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Styling (CW45503)
        • Added bootstrap 3.3.7 JavaScript to application
        • Restyled the credit card entry screen to be more modern
        • Restyled the ACH entry screen to be more modern
        • Shipping Screens have restyled
      • Maintenance (CW45504)
        • The appsettings report in the administrative menu will now show any missing appsettings that are expected to be included. Missing settings can cause an issue and produce incorrect results.
      • Performance (CW45505)
        • Modified several methods in the webservices to call classes directly instead of calling the webservices to help with performance.
      • Usability (CW45506)
        • Improved error trapping and better reporting with more user-friendly error messages.
      • Added check and purchase order numbers to show on receipts. (CW45316)
      • Added support for the Google Enhanced Analytics to anonymize IP addresses
        • New Store_Setting
          • ConfigGooglAnalyticsAnonymizeIP – True/False setting. When set to true the Google Anonymizer code will be added to the script that gets added to the page. (CW46269)
    • Dues
      • Added support for enSYNC Corp/'s Online AutoDraft. You must own enSYNC's Online AutoDraft and there is a separate license key from ATS required. (CW45500)
        • New user-defined table: ATS_Payment_Options
        • New Store_Settings:
          • PaymentCCSaveCards – True/False setting to display saved credit cards at payment time
          • PaymentCCSaveCards – True/False setting to display saved credit cards at payment time
          • PaymentPlanAvailableButtonText – Button text displayed to open payment plan window.
          • PaymentPlanDisclaimerText – Text displayed on popup window when adding a payment plan.
          • PaymentPlanEditButtonText – Button texted displayed to edit payment plan options.
          • PaymentPlanHasPaymentPlanText – Text displayed when someone tries to renew online that is already enrolled in AutoDraft.
      • Save Credit Cards – Added the ability to save credit cards for future use if enSYNC’s Online AutoDraft is enabled. Credit card management (replacement, change expiration dates, etc.) is done in AutoDraft and outside of the ATS Online Marketplace. (CW45501)
        • New Store_Settings:
            PaymentCCSaveCards – True/False setting to enable/disable saving of credit cards that are displayed on the payment screen for quicker checkout.
          • PaymentCCSaveCardReqCVV – True/False setting to enable/disable the requirement of the CVV number on the back of the credit card. If set to false, the credit card will be charged without sending the CVV number that may result in additional credit card fees.
      • Added support for Dues List Billing. This allows a company representative to log in and pay dues renewals (no joins) for any company individuals already billed. This new process does not rebill or take the user through the dues wizard but allows them to simply select each individual for payment, add to cart and checkout/pay. A new page – dueslistbill.aspx presents the list bill. (CW45502)
        • New Store_Settings:
          • lblDuesListBillHeaderText – Text displayed at the top of the list billing page (255 characters).
    • Events
      • Added check and purchase order numbers to registration receipts and confirmations. (CW45316
    • Orders
      • Added functionality to honor the Terms Code set on individual records for Orders. (CW33745, CW33728)

2018.18.9262 - May 2018

Download the Release Notes Download the User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Added messaging in administrative portal when adding missing settings from Batch_Settings or Store_Settings. Now when there is text on the page to wait for success or failure and either message is returned when the process is complete. (CW45057)
      • Modified default setting for ShowPersonalCoupons to false for new installations. (CW44055)
      • Corrected issue with error when ShowPersonalCoupons is set to true and user logged in has no personal coupons. (CW44055)
      • Modified personal coupon link to only show if user is logged in and has personal coupons. (CW44077)
      • Corrected issue with coupon discount display where coupon discount would not display for multiple combination coupons. (CW44506)
      • Corrected issue with multiple cart coupons causing the application pool to crash. In addition, increased performance of the coupons when multiple coupons are in the cart. (CW44508)
      • Added logic to support creating the first web category in the administrative portal when no web categories exist. (CW44468)
    • Events
      • Added new report in the Administrative Portal to look at the entries in the Store_Event_Timezone_Override general lookup table. This report will show the valid entries for the server and any entries in the general lookup table that are not valid. Invalid entries can cause the registration page to not display. (CW44829, CW45056)
      • Modified event registration page to show functions with a sort sequence under 1000 as radio buttons instead of checkboxes. (CW45058)
      • Corrected issue with a question that is not required that has been answered, added to the cart, and then answer deleted before checking out. (CW44284)

2018.13.9235 - March 2018

Download the Release Notes Download the User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Modified default setting for ShowPersonalCoupons to false for new installations. (CW44055)
      • Corrected issue with error when ShowPersonalCoupons is set to true and user logged in has no personal coupons. (CW44055)
      • Modified personal coupon link to only show if user is logged in and has personal coupons. (CW44077)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue with a question that is not required that has been answered, added to the cart, and then answer deleted before checking out. (CW44284)

2018.08.9207 - February 2018

Download the Release Notes Download the User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Increased performance of coupons when the Coupons table is very large (i.e. 10,000-20,000). Also increased performance of personal coupons. (CW43829)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue with event questions created in the staff site that we created as ‘drop-down list’ but had no values defined for the drop-down list. (CW43370)
      • Corrected inconsistencies with displaying Store_Long_Titles with event functions. Not all were displaying depending on the function type. In addition, the date/time was not handled correctly. (CW43964, CW40073)

2018.03.9191 - January 2018

Download the 2018.03.9191 Release Notes Download the 2018.03.9191 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Corrected issue when trying to restrict an ID to a SUB coupon.  This is now allowed.  (CW41607)
      • Added Subscription category to Coupon Generator in the Administrative Portal. (CW41607)
      • Corrected the handling of electronic content to allow an event code/function code to work in addition to products. (CW41867, CW41609)
      • Corrected issue introduced in Online Marketplace version 2017.42.9121.  When any CashAccountXXXX setting in Batch_Settings does not match the cash account for the payment and it’s a credit card payment, the payment would fail validation.  For example, if you have VISA_MC set to CashAccountAMEX in Batch_Settings the transaction would fail validation.  The BatchCashAccountXXXX now does not have to match the payment type but the CashAccountXXXX does have to match. (CW42988, CW42450)
    • Dues
      • Corrected issue with the display of the paid through date for a subscription when deciding to add it to the cart. The date would sometimes assume a billing term of 0 months when calculating the paid through date instead of the actual term. (CW42248)
      • Corrected issue when processing dues where the Subscriptions.BILL_DATE would include a time with the date.  This is not consistent with core iMIS and has been removed.  (CW33514, CW42316, CW42317)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue where early and regular cutoff dates were not being honored correctly and causing failures in some instances. (CW42884, CW42873)
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • The Online Marketplace will now support usage of the CCS and enSYNC Blue Pay dlls in the ATS Online Marketplace. Each gateway should be setup per the instructions from each respective company. The ATS Online Marketplace does NOT include the respective dll files or entries in the config files. (CW41866)
        • In general, this will likely require:
          • Placement of the Blue Pay dll(s) into the Bin folder of the ATS Webservices. Remember that these should be backed up somewhere. They may be deleted during an upgrade to the ATS Online Marketplace and will need to be replaced for Blue Pay to work in the store.
          • Placement of additional line(s) in the ATS Webservices web.config. These are typically entries in the PaymentGatewayServices section.
          • Placement of additional entries in the ATS Webservices appsettings.config. There may be some entries require for error trapping or configuring the dll. 
          • When using these alternative gateways you will need to make sure that your gateways are properly setup in iMIS.
      • Modified ATS Online Marketplace management of Web Categories to work if Web Categories had never been setup.  This change allows for the management of iMIS Web categories through the store even if no web categories had ever been setup. (CW41868)
    • Dues
      • Modified the Online Marketplace to show the name of the purchaser next to the subscription title in the cart. (CW42572, CW41701)
    • Events
      • In recent versions of iMIS, the RiSE staff site has a new field for event description called ‘Additional Description’.  This field is now supported in the Online Marketplace and is only applicable to versions with this field. (CW42708)
        • New Store_Settings:
          • lblEventAdditionalDescription – Label that will appear to the left of the Additional Description.
          • ShowEventAdditionalDescription – True/False setting that turns on/off the display of the Additional Description field on the event detail page.
          • ShowEventAdditionalDescriptionBrief – True/False setting that turns on/off the display of the Additional Description field on search results pages.
          • Note:  If the description is not entered into the Additional Description field the label will not display.  If using this feature, we recommend removing HTML from the Meet_Master.DESCRIPTION field in the iMIS Desktop.
      • Added support for event images across the desktop and staff site.  Both RiSE and iMIS Desktop share the same field for iMIS for event image URLs.  The Desktop uses a full URL while RiSE uses a URL relative to the RiSE site.  To support this functionality a new Store_Setting has been added. (CW42709)
        • New Store_Setting:
          • URLEventImagePrefix – This is a prefix that will be added to all event image URLs that don’t start with http or https (e.g. https://www.myasssociation.org/).  This means that an image sucha as images/myeventimage.jpg will result in a URL of https://www.myassociation.org/images/myeventimage.jpg.
      • Register Someone Else Header:  Created a new Store_Setting to have a note at the top of the list of people someone can register someone else for. (CW42707)
        • New Store_Setting:
          • lblEventRegisterSomeoneElseHeader – Label that will appear at the top of the register someone else listing of people they are eligible to register.

2017.02.8645 - 2017.42.9121

2017.42.9121 - October 2017

Download the 2017.42.9121 Release Notes Download the 2017.42.9121 User's Guide
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Modified the administrative payment processor to allow administrators to now select a batch in addition to cash account. Previously this was setup to allow them to only specify a cash account. Now, you can optionally select a batch number. If you select the “default” option then the default ATS Online Marketplace batch rules will apply. Batches are displayed in descending date created order. The expected use is that you might get a set of payments to your lockbox. You can specify the cash account of Lockbox and then create batch for that set of lockbox transactions.

2017.29.9059 - June 2017

Download the 2017.29.9059 Release Notes Download the 2017.29.9059 User's Guide
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Enhanced Coupon Functionality – coupons can now be applied to multiple categories. The Coupons.Coupon_Category field has been changed to be multi-select you can have any combination of coupon categories (dues, events, orders, subscriptions, freight, handling, shipping). (CW38575, CW37435)
      • Personal Coupon Display – Added the ability to display coupons available to a customer on the view cart page. The coupons displayed will only be those where the ID is included in the Ship To Restriction field on the coupon. Can be a single ID or a comma-separated list of ID’s. (CW37453)
        • New Store_Settings
          • ShowPersonalCoupons – True/False setting to turn on this functionality.
          • lblCoupon – Word(s) that will be using in the Marketplace when referring to the coupon.
          • lblPersonalCouponHeader – Header text for the coupon popup for personal coupons.
          • lblPersonalCouponInstructions – Text displayed on the coupon popup for personal coupons.
          • lblPersonalCouponFooter – Footer text for the coupon popup for personal coupons.
          • lblPersonalCouponLinkText – Text that displays on the view cart page to pop-up personal coupons box.
      • Added support for the 2017 General iMIS release. (CW38090)
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Modified the way the Online Marketplace processes transactions to bridges to only process for bridges the customer is licensed for. (CW38592, CW38552)
      • Corrected issue with coupon generator in the Administrative portal not saving changes. (CW38575)
    • Dues
      • Updated code to not send an email to staff when someone tries to print an old dues receipt for which the product(s) have been deleted. (CW39024)
      • Made updates to Subscriptions object in wsdl. (CW38959)
    • Orders
      • Corrected issue with display of watermark on newer PDF files. (CW39023)
      • When displaying the description of a master product in the brief listing (searchresults.aspx) if the ShowProductDescriptionBrief setting was set to false the description of the master product was not displayed. A new Store_Setting of ShowMasterProductDescriptionBrief has been added to control the display of a master product description. (CW38304, CW38013)
        • New Store_Setting – ShowMasterProductDescriptionBrief – True/False to turn on/off master product description in brief listing (searchresults.aspx)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue when clicking the envelope icon to send an email of a confirmation letter and then closing the window, a print dialog box displayed as if you clicked on the print button. (CW38062, CW37822)
      • Corrected issue when an event was at capacity and also had cancellations where the limit was being incorrectly set allowing people to continue to register. The Online Marketplace now uses the HEAD_COUNT field to determine if space is still available. (CW39027)
      • Corrected issue when people are editing a registration and changing the answers to survey questions. (CW39025, CW36048)

2017.22.8997 - June 2017

Download the 2017.22.8997 Release Notes Download the 2017.22.8997 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • Dues
      • Resolved issue of previously-billed items not being pre-selected when renewing dues. (CW37787)

2017.20.8953 - May 2017

Download the 2017.20.8953 Release Notes Download the 2017.20.8953 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • Dues
      • Updated the connection between the ATS Online Marketplace and the ATS Webservices. (CW37592)
        • We have corrected an issue with the connection between the ATS Online Marketplace and ATS Webservices. The problem was manifested in clients who use the Marketplace for dues renewals. Clients with this issue see errors similar to the following:
          • The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime
          • Input string was not in a correct format
        • If you are using the dues module of the store for renewals and are on version 2016.22 – 2017.18.8918 and are experiencing this problem we recommend an upgrade to the latest version of the ATS Online Marketplace.

2017.18.8918- May 2017

Download the 2017.18.8918 Release Notes Download the 2017.18.8918 User's Guide
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Added the ability to specify a long description (up to 255 characters) for billing category (Name.CATEGORY) and/or member type (Name.MEMBER_TYPE) via two new general lookup tables. (CW37399, CW36135)
        • In both tables the code is the code of the category or member type and description is the title to be displayed.
      • Updated administrative portal to display a ‘Not Authorized’ message for users who are authenticated on the site but not authorized to access the administrative portal, rather than redirecting to login which was causing a redirect loop for users already logged in. Authorized users of the administrative portal will have the ATSSTOREADMIN access keyword set on their user credentials. (CW37014)
      • New Store_Setting: ConfigAdminPaymentSourceCode - This is the source code that will be used on an order when using the administrative payment options. The source code must be a valid source code in the SOURCE_CODE general lookup table in iMIS and is defaulted to WEB. (CW36394, CW37400)
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Corrected issue where admin payment options did not display for a Store Admin user unless the user has first visited a page in the administrator portal. (CW37119)
    • Fund Raising
      • Modified the Fundraising class to properly handle check payments. NOTE: Source codes are not set on iMIS version 15.1.3 and earlier. (CW37400)

2017.15.8870 - April 2017

Download the 2017.15.8870 Release Notes Download the 2017.15.8870 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Corrected issue with the ‘one or more items in your cart is not tied to your account’ error. This occurred because there are items in the cart for the person checking out that were added before logging in and after logging in the ship to and bill to ID’s were not updated correctly. (CW36504)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue with saving an event registration. If you were using a SINGLE-SELECT or MULTI-SELECT checkbox and had previously saved answers, and were not yet using the iMIS 20 question manager, you would get the following error when saving an edited registration. (CW37112)

2017.13.8821- April 2017

Download the 2017.13.8821 Release Notes Download the 2017.13.8821 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Modified code to reduce the number of error emails generated when hackers attempt to append things like ‘A=0 to URL’s.  Now no errorsto email will be generated and message will be displayed that there are no search results.  (CW36568)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue when saving event question data, either using event questions or event question functions, because the maximum length was not being properly set. As a result it was possible to enter more text than could be saved in iMIS resulting in truncation or data not being properly saved. (CW36850)
    • Orders
      • Corrected issue when a product is set to not sell on web and detail page for that product is called (i.e. from an email) that the product page displayed with no data. Now a ‘product is not available’ message is displayed. (CW36565)

2017.11.8801- March 2017

Download the 2017.11.8801 Release Notes Download the 2017.11.8801 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Modified Online Marketplace and web services to improve performance when multiple registrations and/or multiple products are in the cart.  (CW36387)
      • Corrected issues when someone adds items to the cart (especially multiple registrations and products together) but doesn’t check out immediately, then returns and adds one of the same product(s) to the cart before logging in resulting in some of the registrations being removed from the cart.  Now, only items with the same product code and ship to ID will be removed from the cart upon return.  (CW36431)
      • Events
        • Added explicit check for iMIS version when saving event survey questions. (CW36270)
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Removed credit card type selection from payment process to simplify the checkout and reduce potential for card type/number mismatch errors.  The logic now tests the card number entered against all available credit card checksums for validity, and determines the card type automatically based on the checksum the number passes. (CW36061)

2017.06.8727 - January 2017

Download the 2017.06.8727 Release Notes Download the 2017.06.8727 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Corrected issue with the lblComplimentaryOrderButton setting in Store_Settings that was not being honored. (CW35149)
      • Updated email address validation to account for email addresses with capital letters. (CW35615)
      • Updated handling of Product and Event titles when sent to Google Analytics to work around line breaks causing javascript errors. (CW35162)
    • Dues
      • Corrected issue when adding a subscription mid-year and the syncing of the effective date with the primary dues item was sometimes off one day. (CW34760)
  • Enhancements
    • General
      •  New Store_Setting (CW35932)
        • PaymentAdminOptions:  This is a true/false setting that enables an additional radio button in the payment screen to select a specific cash account at checkout.  When you select the cash account the payment will be treated like a check and no credit card or other payment type will be charged in real time.  This feature is only available to staff that impersonate members through the administrative portal.
          • There is a new general lookup table that goes with this new setting called Store_Admin_Payment_Options where the names of the cash accounts offered are identified.  This table contains the names of the cash accounts (case sensitive) in the CODE field of the general lookup table.

2017.02.8645 - January 2017

Download the 2017.02.8645 Release Notes Download the 2017.02.8645 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • Dues
      • Corrected issue where, in some cases, the ‘Always Show’ setting on dues product types in the ATS_DUES table was not being honored. (CW34575)
    • Events
      • Modified web services to not allow a Store_Kit_Event to be put into the cart with a quantity greater than one. (CW34956)
      • Corrected issue the caused an object reference error when adding an event kit to the cart. (CW34982)

2016.01 - 2016.24

2016.24 - November 2016

Download the 2016.24 Release Notes Download the 2016.24 User's Guide
  • Enhancements
    • Dues
      • Added the ability to set a sort order for member type and category selection in the join/renew wizard. Two new general lookup tables were created to manage this; they are Store_Member_Type_Sort_Order and Store_Dues_Category_Sort_Order. See the Online Marketplace User’s Guide for detailed information. (CW34117)
      • Update dues receipts to sort products by Payment Priority order. (CW34118)
    • Events
      • Functions on receipts and confirmations will now print in order of the Sort Sequence set on each function. (CW34119)

2016.23 - November 2016

Download the 2016.23 Release Notes Download the 2016.23 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • Dues
      • Corrected issue when joining or renewing and a person uses the back button in the wizard with kitted items included and the prices on child product(s) in the kit did not update correctly. (CW33591)
    • Orders
      • Corrected issue with state and country validation when making ACH payments. (CW33369)
    • General
      • Corrected issue with coupon rounding that would generate an error indicating that the amount charged to the credit card does not match the amount charged in iMIS. (CW33628)

2016.22 - October 2016

Download the 2016.22 Release Notes Download the 2016.22 User's Guide
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Test Online Marketplace with iMIS interim version (CW33304       

2016.20 - October 2016

Download the 2016.20 Release Notes Download the 2016.20 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • Events
      • Corrected issue with Immediate Add to Cart functionality that was redirecting to subscriptions.aspx. (CW32964)

2016.17 - August 2016

Download the 2016.17 Release Notes Download the 2016.17 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • Events
      • Corrected error in event registrations at checkout when calculating tax for clients who are setup to collect tax (e.g. Canadian). (CW32403)

2016.16 - August 2016

Download the 2016.16 Release Notes Download the 2016.16 User's Guide
  • Enhancements
    • Administrative Portal
      • Added support for iMIS Web Categories. In the Administrative Portal under Products>>Products Audits and Tasks there is a new entry to manage web categories. You can create new categories, add and remove products to new or existing categories, rearrange categories and delete categories. (CW30879)

2016.15 - August 2016

Download the 2016.15 Release Notes Download the 2016.15 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Added support for new MasterCard numbers starting with 2. (CW32097)
      • Corrected issue with invalid characters exceeding the field limit on payment, tax and shipping screens. (CW31836)
    • Orders
      • Corrected layout issues for receipts that include electronic content. (CW32175)
    • Billing
      • Changed calculation of subscription through dates when using ConfigSyncSubDatesWithPrimaryDues Store_Setting to handle the case when person has been billed into the future but has not yet paid. New calculation will match the current paid through date on the primary dues item (not the bill through date).
        NOTE: This is not supported with multi-year subscriptions and single year dues. (CW31730)

2016.14 - August 2016

Download the 2016.14 Release Notes Download the 2016.14 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • General
      • Modified validator for email addresses to account for a wider range of email addresses (i.e. email addresses starting with a number). (CW31972)
      • Added a default email stylesheet to the store folder called printorder.css.  This file should not be modified but can be copied and moved. The default installations will point to this in the Store_Settings entry ConfigEmailCSSURL but can be updated to something else. (CW31535)
    • Events
      • Modified search results (searchresults.aspx) to not display the add to cart button if the event has a limit set at the event level.  NOTE:  On versions below 20.0.X.X the iMIS Business Objects do not support this and will show an add to cart button even if the limit on the event is full.  It is recommended to set limits on the functions, which is supported. (CW31989)
      • Modified code that checks what is in the cart to remove a registration if an event has reached the event maximum.  Previously, only function levels were checked.  NOTE:  On versions below 20.0.X.X the iMIS Business Objects do not support this and will not remove the registration from the cart even if the limit on the event is full.  It is recommended to set limits on the functions, which is supported. (CW32094)
    • Administrative Portal
      • Added Store_Event_Guest_Badge_Fields to list of general lookup/validation tables in administrative portal under verify link.  (CW31372)

2016.11 - July 2016

Download the 2016.11 Release Notes Download the 2016.11 User's Guide
  • Enhancements
    • Events
      • Modified manner in which the Google map is displayed for Events to be more compatible with responsive web designs.  Added stylesheet elements that can be overridden for map-container and map-container iframe.  Deprecated the use of the following Store_Settings:     (CW31464)
        • IntEventGoogleMapWidth
        • IntEventGoogleMapHeight
  • Resolved Issues
    • Orders
      • Corrected issues with USPS Real Time Freight Pricing add-on freight calculations (CW31612, CW31228)
    • Events
      • Changed survey question display from checkboxes to drop-downs to work better with IQA-based survey question answers in the Staff Site (CW31621)
      • Corrected issue with not being able to register a newly-added record to a company roster (CW31505)

2016.10 - June 2016

Download the 2016.10 Release Notes Download the 2016.10 User's Guide
  • Enhancements
    • Events
      • Added support for the following dates in Events in the Staff Site (CW31079):
        • Registration Start Date and Time
        • Registration End Date and Time
        • Before Start Date Message
        • Cutoff Message
        • Edit Cutoff Date
        • Edit Cutoff Message
          • New Store_Settings
            • lblEventRegistrationEditCutoffMessage
            • lblEventRegistrationNotStartedMessage
  • Resolved Issues
    • Events
      • Corrected issue when an event only has member pricing where the Online Marketplace would not show the ‘Login to Register’ button because the Anonymous ID (ConfigAnonymousOrderID) was not allowed to register (CW29700)
      • Corrected issue when trying to set a limit on coupon use over 32,768 (CW31121)
      • Corrected issue with Display Value and Data Value fields when using Dropdown List Survey Questions – Defined by IQA (CW31122)

2016.09 - June 2016

Download the 2016.09 Release Notes Download the 2016.09 User's Guide
  • Resolved Issues
    • Events
      • Corrected issue with Orders.QUANTITY_SHIPPED not being updated correctly that caused issues with tickets (CW31323)
      • Corrected issue where Orders.MEMBER_TYPE was not correctly set when a join was done with a registration (CW31259)
      • Corrected issue when editing a registration and a function previously registered for is now full (CW31231)
      • Corrected issue when trying to register for an event past the cutoff date that would throw and object reference error (CW31393)
      • Corrected issue with badge records getting duplicated or deleted (CW31370, 31230)
      • Corrected issue with the saving of survey question data (CW31230, 31370)

2016.08 - June 2016

Download the 2016.08 Release Notes Download the 2016.08 User's Guide
  • Enhancements
    • Orders
      • Added ability to set which pro-forma order types are not included when calculating inventory in the Online Marketplace
        • New Store_Setting
          • ConfigProFormaOrderTypesThatDoNotAffectInventory - this is a comma-delimited list of pro-forma order types taht do NOT affect inventory

2016.07 - June 2016

Download the 2016.07 Release Notes Download the 2016.07 User's Guide
  • Enhancements
    • Events
      • Honor 'Hidden' setting to not display event questions setup in the Staff site (CW31014)
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Items will be removed from shopping cart when a Bill-To or Ship-To ID has been deleted (CW30757)
    • Events
      • Corrected issues with editing guest badges during and after initial registration (CW31078)

2016.06 - May 2016

Download the 2016.06 Release Notes Download the 2016.06 User's Guide
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Google Analytics Enhancements:
        • New Store_Settings (CW25120):
          • ConfigGoogleTagManager – True/False setting to enable the inclusion of the Google Tag Manager
          • ConfigGoogleTagManagerIndentifier – Reserved for future use for the Google Tag Manager Identifier
  • Resolutions
    • Events
      • Corrected issue when adding guest badges on multiple registrations that would duplicate the same badges across all registrations (CW27974)

2016.05 - May 2016

Download the 2016.05 Release Notes Download the 2016.05 User's Guide (2016.05)
  • Enhancements
    • Events
      • Additional Fields for Guest Badges – the new general lookup table Store_Event_Edit_Guest_Badge_Fields will allow you to control what fields are displayed for guest badges. You set each entry to one of the three settings:
        • READONLY - displays existing value from iMIS but does not allow changes
        • EDIT - displays existing value and allows editing
        • REQUIRED - same as EDIT but the field must have a value

          AddressLine1 InformalName
          AddressLine2 LastName
          AddressLine3 MiddleName
          City PostalCode
          Company Prefix
          Country StateProvince
          DelegateNumber Suffix
          Designations Title

2016.04 - May 2016

Download the 2016.04 Release Notes Download the 2016.04 User's Guide (2016.04)
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • When storing the Gateway Reference Number for credit card transactions the delayed capture number will now be stored in the Trans table rather than the authorization number
    • Administrative Portal
      • Added a page to the Administrative Portal Setup section for testing the Online Marketplace's built-in error handling capabilities, and to display the current settings for error handling

2016.03 - May 2016

Download the 2016.03 Release Notes Download the 2016.03 User's Guide (2016.03)
  • Enhancements
    • Events
      • New Store_Settings
        • LblRegistrationCancelled – Text displayed when a person attempts to register for an event and their registration is cancelled (only applicable to iMIS 20.1 and higher) (CW27863)

2016.02 - April 2016

Download the 2016.02 Release Notes Download the 2016.02 User's Guide (2016.02)
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Enhanced Immediate Add to Cart (addtocart.aspx) functionality to include CHAPT, MISC, SEC, SUB or VOL Billing items (CW27781)
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Corrected issue with product special pricing when adding dues to the cart (CW27745)
      • Corrected issue on myorders.aspx page when there was an error displaying one order. Now if there is an error the page will show all other orders. (CW28052)
      • Corrected issue when clicking the ‘Save Shipping Address for this Order’ button that would blank out other buttons below it (CW28069)
      • Corrected issue with emailing receipts when using split cart by entity that wasn’t emailing for all entities (CW27389)
      • Corrected issue when special pricing is setup on a product with no price that was returning an error (CW27339)
      • Added calls to existing error handler library when Online Marketplace attempts to get or create a batch and fails (CW27199)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue when someone has an event in their cart but they are become ineligible for it due to a change in registrant class (i.e. removing dues from the cart) (CW27283)
      • Corrected issue when trying to add a negative dollar function to the cart (CW27823)
      • Corrected issue with speaker images not showing up if purpose field was NULL instead of empty (CW27943)
      • Corrected issue with linked function quantities not updating properly (CW28051)
      • Corrected issue with processing event survey questions twice (CW27622)

2016.01 - March 2016

Download the 2016.01 Release Notes Download the 2016.01 User's Guide (2016.01)
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Added ability to send address to payment gateway (CW23871)
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Update to Store_Setting, ConfigVaultRootPath, to not require a slash at the end of the path (CW24490)
      • Update code for Real-Time USPS freight pricing to V4 of USPS shipping API (CW27368)
      • Update web services to dispose SQL connections rather than close them (CW27077)
      • Correct issue when using PayPal Express as a payment type when purchase orders are not enabled (CW27119)
      • Correct issues when using multiple entities and split cart by entity where VOL dues donation transactions where not being created correctly (CW27388)
    • Billing
      • Dues transactions will now update Name_Fin.RENEWED_THRU (CW26567)
    • Events
      • Correct issue where event functions that were charged $0 were not appearing when editing a registration (CW26842)
      • Added error trapping for records with invalid prefixes or suffixes to display a comprehensible error message because records with a prefix or suffix not in the PREFIX or SUFFIX general lookup table will fail (CW27776)
      • Now honor sort order of survey questions (web setup wizard) and event questions (staff site) (CW27387)
      • Corrected an issue where initial load of an event page with function limits would return an error (CW27988)
      • Corrected and issue with add-to-calendar feature when event had no description (CW27989)
      • Corrected issue when clicking on a yes/no question in an event could cause a string to number conversion error (CW27990)
    • Administrative Portal
      • Corrected financial report in administrative portal that was reporting invalid cash accounts if you did not have multi-entity enabled (CW27204)
      • Modify Validate Event Text audit report to report invalid characters correctly (CW25950)
      • Correct issue with values not saving when updating Store_Settings in the Administrative Portal (CW25908)
      • Added new report in Customers to check for records with invalid suffixes or prefixes (not in the PREFIX or SUFFIX general lookup table) (CW27776)

2015.04 - 2015.04.08

2015.04.07-08 - February 2016

Download the 2015.04.07-08 Release Notes
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Corrected issue with lblPromotions not updating and displaying (CW25694)
      • Corrected issue when using Store_Kit_Events when Event/Function Codes were not correctly entered in the table and no error was displayed. An error message is now displayed that the function code is not valid. (CW21832)
    • Billing
      • Correct issue where Store_Unbilled_Dues general lookup table settings were not being honored (CW25809)>
      • Correct issues with paid through dates when using bump proration (CW20165)
      • Corrected issue with Store_Unbilled_Dues functionality updating dues product status even if there was an entry in Store_Unbilled_Dues to do nothing; status was being changed to A (CW25809)
      • Correct issues with grace period not updating paid through dates correctly on renewals (CW26149)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue with conflict codes displaying radio buttons versus checkboxes. (CW25823)
      • Corrected issue when someone answers a survey question and then removes the answer. The question with no answer was being saved in ATS_Shopping_Cart and created errors. (CW27623)
      • Corrected issue when there are multiple functions with linked functions. Any linked function past the first were not being added. (CW27625)
      • Corrected issues with saving survey question answers (CW26961)

2015.04.06 - December 2015

Download the 2015.04.06 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Added new responsive-friendly banner widget (CW25548)
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Corrected issue where transaction needed to be voided when order returns no order number (CW25198)
      • Corrected issue with freight, handling, shipping coupons not working with ship to ID restrictions. (CW25569)
    • Events
      • Updated searching functionality for compatibility with iMIS version 2015 Q4 (CW25326)
      • Corrected issue with editing survey questions and results being stored multiple times in ATS_Shopping_Cart table (CW25196)

2015.04.05 - November 2015

Download the 2015.04.05 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Streamline checkout process
        • If there are no shippable or taxable items in the cart, checkout process can go directly to payment screen, skipping the review of the cart
        • New Store_Settings:
          • lblCheckout: Text for ‘Checkout’ button (This new button takes you directly to payment screen if there are no shippable or taxable items in the cart – default setting: Pay Now)
          • lblLoginToCheckout:  Text for ‘Login to Checkout’ button
          • lblContinueShopping:  Text for ‘Continue Shopping’ button
          • lblEnterPayment:  Text for ‘Enter Payment’ button
      • Added div tag around Featured Items so that they are identified as featured in search results (CW25356)
      • Corrected issue with printing receipts and confirmation letters in Internet Explorer (CW25412)
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Corrected issue when registering for an event links would disappear in the boxes in the right gutter (CW25355)
      • Corrected issue when adding a subscription to the cart with another item and then removing the subscription caused an error with the between the checkout total and the order total (CW25420)
    • Billing
      • Corrected issue when using SplitCartByEntity in Store_Settings in conjunction with Store_Unbilled_Dues.  When a mixed-entity cart was processed the entries in Store_Unbilled_Dues was processed for each entity resulting in possible incorrect statuses on Subscription products.  (CW25251)
      • Implemented a clearer message when an invalid stored procedure name is entered in the ATS_DUES user-defined table (CW25350)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue when searching using EVENTTYPE=XXX in URL’s (CW25342)

2015.04.04 - October 2015

Download the 2015.04.04 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Modified printing of receipts and confirmations from myorders.aspx to automatically open a printer dialog box  (CW24813)
      • Improved performance when not showing Best Sellers or Newest Items (CW24810)
    • Administrative Portal
      • New report under Setup >> Financial >> Batch Settings Review to check for entities set on cash accounts when using multi-entity. Invalid or missing entities will result in an object reference error. (CW24631)
  • Resolutions
    • Billing
      • Corrected issue where VOL product amount due was set to 0.00 if billed and not paid (CW24253)
      • Corrected issue that caused an object reference error in getSubscriptionDetails when there are existing subscriptions (CW25125)
      • Corrected issue with ATS_DUES.BillingCategory_Text not appearing in some situations (CW25150)
      • Corrected issue with number of complimentary items and product prices are the same (CW24972)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue when emailing receipts for events when you are not the Bill To or Ship To ID (CW24956)

2015.04.03 - September 2015

Download the 2015.04.03 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Allow anonymous users to retrieve abandoned cart items – stores a non-expiring cookie with the current session ID. If cookies are cleared from browser items will not be remembered. (CW24019)
        • New Store_Setting:
          • AllowAnonymousCartRetrieval – Set to true to allow anonymous users to retrieve cart items.
    • Billing
      • Allow change on all product types – this change adds 5 new settings to the ATS_DUES table to control whether someone will be allowed to change products of each type. (CW24556)
        • SectionProduct_Allow_Change – when set to true allows person to change SEC items, if false they cannot.
        • MiscProduct_Allow_Change – when set to true allows person to change MISC items, if false they cannot.
        • SubProduct_Allow_Change – when set to true allows person to change SUB items, if false they cannot.
        • VolProduct_Allow_Change – when set to true allows person to change VOL items, if false they cannot.
        • VolProduct_Always_Show – When checked, forces VOL products to always show.
      • Set number of complimentary products by product type – These new fields allow you to control the number of complimentary items someone receives by product type (i.e. 2 free sections with join/renewal). (CW24432)
        • Num_Comp_Dues – Integer field to set the number of complimentary DUES items.
        • Num_Comp_Chapters – Integer field to set the number of complimentary CHAPT items.
        • Num_Comp_Sections – Integer field to set the number of complimentary SEC items.
        • Num_Comp_Misc – Integer field to set the number of complimentary MISC items.
        • Num_Comp_Subs – Integer field to set the number of complimentary SUB items.
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Corrected issue with product code not being populated in BO_EMAIL activities. (CW24303)
      • Corrected erroneous ‘thread aborted’ error when searching for products that have special pricing. (CW24492)
    • Billing
      • Correct issue of Subscriptions.BEGIN_DATE being overwritten on a dues renewal. (CW23948)
    • Events
      • Correct issue with purchase order Orders were not creating Trans records correctly. (CW24129)
      • Correct issue with search results for master products showing out-of-stock when only one item was out-of-stock. (CW24553)
      • Correct issue with Event Survey Questions in iMIS versions 20.0.1 or lower because of FormDefinition table. (CW23185)

2015.04.02 - August 2015

Download the 2015.04.02 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Added file app_offline.htm_remove – ATS USE ONLY (CW24334)
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Corrected an issue where an event in a kit (Store_Kit_Events) could show in search results twice (CW23718)
      • Corrected issue where the Anonymous ID (ConfigAnonymousOrderID) could purchase a product or register for an event (CW23726)
      • Changed validation for payment authorization account in web.config to form a list of accounts in case there are multiple provider keys (CW22933)
    • Billing
      • Modified display of AVAIL_CREDIT to show as a negative amount on myorders.aspx and receipts (CW23007)
      • Corrected issue when trying to view a subscription product with a balance due (CW24340)
    • Donations
      • Corrected issue where a change in licensing caused fund raising items not to appear on the donations.aspx page (CW24375)

2015.04.01 - July 2015

Download the 2015.04.01 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Added all required dll’s for iMIS 20.2.19 (CW23631)
      • Added additional responsive design styles (CW22888)
      • Added the ability to include a coupon code along with a product code with addtocart.aspx (CW23377)
        • Example: http://yourstore.org/store/addtocart.aspx?id=BOOK1,10OFF – this URL would add BOOK1 and the coupon 10OFF to the cart
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Corrected issue with leading spaces entered when updating Store_Settings general lookup table from the Administrative Portal (CW22048)
      • Corrected issue when a coupon is in the cart but no items to apply it against (CW22826)
    • Billing
      • Update process when setting Name.JOIN_DATE to not include actual time (CW21826)
      • Name.JOIN_DATE will update without batches having to be posted based on primary dues item (CW23231)
      • Corrected issue with add to cart for Subscription items with special pricing (CW23281)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue where linked functions were not being registered (CW23232)
      • Corrected issue where events with one function and a function code that didn’t start with REG_ would not display the ‘Add to Cart’ button on a search. Now, any event with only one function with a Sort Sequence under 1000 will display the ‘Add to Cart’ button. (CW22448)
      • Add Informal name field to confirmation letter merge fields (CW23008)
    • Orders
      • Corrected issue when number of days was not set on entries in Store_Etypes_Expiration_Days general lookup table (CW21786)
      • Corrected issue with error being thrown when fields in the Shipping Address screen had too many characters (CW22069)
      • Correct issue when registering someone else where function limits were not counting what was already in the cart (CW20191)
      • Corrected issue with Canadian taxation when registering someone else and tax amounts were different (CW23713)
    • Administrative Portal
      • Removed check for STOREEMAIL activity under Setup>>Verify. This is no longer used. (CW22889)

2015.04 - June 2015

Download the 2015.04 Release Notes Download the 2015.04 User Guide
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Improved functionality of delete from cart: For items limited to a quantity of one (registrations, dues payments, electronic documents, etc.) there will only be a delete button. For products there will be a quantity box with arrows as well as a delete button. When the quantity goes to zero the item is automatically removed from the cart. (CW21824)
      • Eliminated a screen in the checkout process when there is no shipping or freight information to be collected. (CW21825)
      • Implemented additional stylesheet components to support responsive design: Many tables have been changed to div tags. The site will still function the way it has in the past. Customized styles in the override.css file may need to be modified/updated in order to accommodate class changes that were implemented in support of responsive design. A thorough website review after upgrading is encouraged. Some interior components are still using tables, and will be upgraded to div elements in future releases. (CW20356)
    • Donations
      • Added functionality to update batch control amounts for donations. (CW22202)
    • Administrative Portal
      • Added new report under Customers to list records with an invalid MAIL_CODE. (CW21807)
      • Added new report under Customers to check for records with a zip code less than 3 or greater than 10 characters. (CW21806)
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Corrected error in registration with 15.1.2.X was erroneously trying to check for the need to calculate Canadian tax when Canadian tax was not supported in 15.1.2.X. (CW21676)
      • Corrected an issue where the add to cart button was not displaying in the search results window on events with only a single function (CW21791)
    • Billing
      • Modified the online dues to make sure to show and allow change to chapters, sections, misc, and sub items when the minimum is set to 0 (CW20187)
    • Events
      • Corrected an issue when using a coupon for 100% off registration, if a function had a quantity of more than one, the result would be a negative quantity in iMIS. (CW21760)
    • Orders
      • Corrected an issue that would not allow items to be deleted from the cart when the BT_ID was changed due to changing one of the store CONFIGXXXXBILLCOMPANYRECORD settings. (CW21298)

2014.01 - 2014.12.02

2014.12.02 - March 2015

Download the 2014.12.02 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • Events
      • Updated registrations to add items to order based on Sort Sequence (CW 21457)
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Created more comprehensive error messages when there is an error adding an item to the cart (CW 21210)
      • Corrected issue with error.aspx page where the error is accessed with https and does not have a referrer URL (CW 21370)
      • Updated the store to avoid the following error “Check PO Payment Number cannot be set for Credit Card Payments” when the order is using a cash payment and the cash account is incorrectly marked as credit card (CW19446)
      • Corrected issue when a freight coupon for a dollar amount would be recorded with the full possible amount of the coupon even if the freight was less (CW21225)
      • Corrected error “There is no row at position 0” when using Global Payments (CW21618)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue that returned an error when using default pricing on functions (CW 21189)
      • Corrected issue where functions with overlapping times appeared to be in conflict (i.e. 1-3 3-5)(CW20167)

2014.12.01 - February 2015

Download the 2014.12.01 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Added support for Telecheck Type 2 payments (CW19886)
        • New Store_Setting:
          • PaymentTelecheckType – Set to 1 or 2 based on your Telecheck account type
      • Restrict coupon products by SQL view – this enhancement allows you to create a SQL view to select the products a coupon is eligible to be applied against
    • Administrative Portal
      • Added 2 new reports to show the images for events and products (CW20102)
        • Products>>Product Images and Tasks>>Product Images
        • Events>>Event Images and Tasks>>Event Images
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Corrected issue with return to store URL’s when login page was on a different server (CW20535)
      • Corrected issue with Online Marketplace license keys (CW20453)
    • Billing
      • Trap for errors in dues special pricing when using Flat Amount. If an amount is not set on the special pricing rule and error will be displayed (CW20455)

2014.12 - January 2015

Download the 2014.12 Release Notes Download the 2014.12 User Guide
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Added Google Analytics Tracking Tags (CW18548)
        • New Store_Settings:
          • ConfigGoogleAnalyticsEnhancedEcommerce – When set to true Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce Tags will be added.
          • ConfigGoogleAnalyticsTrackingID – Enter the Google Analytics Tracking ID for your website.
      • Added support for PayPal Express (CW18549)
        • New Store_Settings:
          • lblPayPalExpressItemDescription – This is a description that will display in the Item Description in the PayPal Order Summary. It cannot itemize the items from the cart.
          • lblPayPalExpressOrderDescription – This description is used for where the order came from. For example, ‘ABC Association Checkout’.
          • PaymentPayPalExpress – True/False setting. When set to True, PayPal Express payment is enabled.
          • PaymentPayPalExpressButtonText – Text that displays for customer to select PayPal Express payment type.
          • PaymentPayPalExpressNote – Note displayed after customer selects PayPal Express payment type.
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Corrected issue with calendar displays (List, Schedule and Calendar) where the button for the active display was clickable and caused an error. (CW17965)
      • Corrected issue with style sheet to maintain placement of calendar view buttons. (CW17957)
      • Corrected issue with Coupon Generator throwing an error when the order of the Coupons table was not as expected. The order of the fields in the table do not matter. (CW19599)
    • Events
      • Corrected issue with email address not populating on confirmation letters. (CW18955)
      • Modified event registration so that a person cannot purchase more tickets to a function than is available. (CW18431)
      • Corrected issue with saving survey questions. (CW20349)
    • Billing
      • Corrected issue with Subscription items not updating dates correctly. (CW19939)
      • Corrected issue with Paid Through Date display on the dues summary page when Bump Proration is in use. (CW19572)
    • Bridges
      • Digitec
        • Corrected issue when a blank description caused an error. (CW19545)

2014.09.06 - December 2014

Download the 2014.09.06 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • New Store_Settings
        • ConfigPreviousReceiptDays – This setting controls the number of days receipts will display on the previous orders page. When restricted with this setting there is also a link at the bottom of the page if someone wants to see all of their previous transactions. (CW18340)
        • LBLViewAllOrdersButton - This setting controls the label on the button to view all previous transactions on the MyOrders.aspx page when limiting the default number of transactions to be displayed (ConfigPreviousReceiptDays). (CW18340)
      • Orders and registrations will both store the credit card authorization code in the Orders table as well as the Trans table. (CW18761)
      • Wildcards are allowed for coupons in the ‘Restricted to Product’ field. Wildcard allowed is asterisk (*). (CW18538)
      • Enhanced coupons to allow for the entry of the name of a SQL view that identifies the ID’s allowed to use this coupon. Enter the name of the view in the ‘Ship To ID Restriction’ field. (CW18272)
    • Orders
      • Enhanced stored procedure pricing for products. Your stored procedure can now include up to 3 parameters; the first is the price, second would be the ‘reason’ and third is the ‘description’. For example, you create a stored procedure to give students a discount on a particular book. The ‘reason’ will be stored in the Order_Lines.NOTE field and the ‘description’ will be appended to the Order_Lines.DESCRIPTION. You could use the Order_Lines.NOTE to trigger a Task Centre task. If you only use one parameter in your stored procedure it will be the price, if you two it will be price and ‘reason’ and if you use three it will be price, ‘reason’, ‘description’. (CW18550)

2014.09.05 - October 2014

Download the 2014.09.05 Release Notes
  • Resolutions
    • Events
      • Corrected issue with confirmation letters not working for no-charge event registrations.
      • Corrected issue with survey questions on 20.X.X.X. when survey questions did not exist.

2014.09.03 - October 2014

Download the 2014.09.03 Release Notes
  • Resolutions
    • Billing
      • iMIS and higher: Corrected issue where billing product codes that exceeded 15 characters (CHAPT product codes because of the use of PRODUCT_MAJOR and PRODUCT_MINOR) would produce an error at checkout.
      • Corrected issue with iMIS Business Objects (iBO) when creating new subscription records.

2014.09.01 - September 2014

Download the 2014.09.01 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Added tracking of Orders.CO_ID and Orders.CO_MEMBER_TYPE for Orders and Events.
        NOTE: This is not supported for registrations (Events) for iMIS 15.
      • Added ability to override the default encoding during the screen scrape by providing an ATS.Utilities.ScreenScrape.CustomEncodingPageId parameter in the appSettings.
    • Bridges
      • Digitec
        • Added ability to record completion status of an activity into iMIS.
      • Experient
        • Enhancements to support single sign on.
      • Digital Ignite
        • Added new method for self-report hours.
      • WebCourseWorks
        • Added new method to get profile and demographic data.
      • Boxwood
        • Modified bridge to allow additional parameters for SSO filtering.
  • Resolutions
    • Events
      • Corrected issue with immediate add to cart functionality and multiple events. Previously, if you had more than one event/function code in your URL only the last one was added to the cart.
      • Corrected issue with pagination when using ‘Register Someone Else’. This issue corrects using the arrow or page-number buttons when scrolling through a list of people the person logged in is eligible to register.
      • Improved speed of ‘Register Someone Else’ when using custom views.
    • Orders
      • Corrected issue with Your Price not displaying for products that use stored-procedure pricing.

2014.09 - September 2014

Download the 2014.09 Release Notes Download the 2014.09 User Guide
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • New Store_Settings
        • New settings for receipt and confirmation letter labels
          • LBLAmountDue – label for amount due line
          • LBLCartSummary – text at top of cart summary (mini-cart)
          • LBLPayment – label for payment line
          • LBLReceiptBottomNote – label for note at bottom of receipt
        • New settings to control maximum on Marketplace home page
          • MaxBest – maximum number of items to display in Best Sellers
          • MaxFeatured – maximum number of items to display in Featured Items
          • MaxNewest – maxium number of items to display in Newest Items
        • New settings to control editing registrations (iMIS 20.1.X.X and higher only)
          • AllowRegistrationAdditions – True/False – if set to true registrants will be able to edit registrations. See documentation for specific details.
          • ConfigEventEditRegUseOrderDate – True/False – controls whether the original order date will be used when calculating prices on edited registrations.
          • LBLEventEditRegistrationButton – Text that controls the label on the edit registration button. Default: Edit Registration.
          • ShowRegisterSomeoneElseImage – True/False – if set to true a person’s image will display in the ‘register someone else’ list.
      • Added ability to restrict coupons to a Ship To ID. A new field in the ATS_Dues table called SHIP_TO_ID_RESTRICTION allows you to enter a comma-delimited list of ID’s that can use the coupon.
      • When processing electronic check payments check number will be stored in the Orders.CUSTOMER_REFERENCE field.
    • Events
      • Added multi-payment display on confirmations and receipts for events (iMIS 15.2.X.X and higher only)
      • Added ability to resend confirmation letters via the admin portal.
      • Tracking ID number of the person that did a registration in Order_Meet.REGISTERED_BY_ID (iMIS 20.1.X.X and higher only).
      • Track and Category fields now display with functions when populated (iMIS 20.0.X.X and higher only).
      • Added ability to edit existing registrations and guest badges (iMIS 20.1.X.X and higher only).
    • Billing
      • Added coupons for subscription products. New entry in Coupon_Categories general lookup table – SUB. Can only be used with subscription-only offerings. Other scenarios that include other dues products use DUES category.
      • Added a check for dues in someone’s cart if they are not paid when initially added to the cart.
        • If dues in the cart are over 30 days old they are removed.
        • If using Start Date Control, the Marketplace now compares that setting to the current date vs. the day dues were added to the cart. If that is less than the iMIS setting the dues are removed from the cart.
    • Administrative Portal
      • Added ability to resend all confirmation letters by event in the Confirmation Letter System.
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • When processing checks, the following add key must be added to your webservices app settings file to avoid error:

      • Corrected issue with ‘Add to Cart’ button in search results not working correctly.
    • Orders
      • Changed ucMyOrders to only generate a link for bridges that are licensed in addition to being enabled, to eliminate errors when a licensed bridge was removed from the OM license key.
    • Bridges
      • Blue Sky eLearn: Corrected issue with myorders.aspx page if you are no longer licensed for BlueSky Broadcast bridge but BSB general lookup tables still exist.

2014.06.05 - August 2014

Download the 2014.06.05 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • Bridges
      • CE City
        • Enhanced bridge to allow credits to be sent back to iMIS.
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Corrected issue with Canadian freight due to the fact that Canadian postal codes are not in the iMIS Zip_Code table.
      • Corrected issue with image caching. Image caching now includes query string parameters (if passed to properly cache different images with the same filename, but different query string parameters.
    • Billing
      • Corrected issue that ensures paid through dates are based on the primary dues item.
    • Events
      • Corrected issue with event survey questions and a registrant with an apostrophe in their name causing an error.

2014.06.04 - July 2014

Download the 2014.06.04 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • Billing
      • Voluntary (VOL) dues products will now sort by the Pay Priority set on each product.
      • New General Lookup Table – Store_Donation_VOLProductCodes.
        • Any VOL dues products entered into this table will display on the donation.aspx page.
        • Each VOL dues product must be set to ‘Accept Payments on Web’.
    • Bridges
      • Web Courseworks
        • Modified bridge to create an activity if one doesn’t exist when calling UpdateStatus. This can happen when credit hours need to be reported for a course that did not originate in iMIS or where the product code does not exist in iMIS.
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Adjust GetBatchDetails in the Web.Config to be case insensitive for payment gateway.
      • Corrected issue with Contacts Web Service call, UpdateActivity, to update SourceCode in the activity record.
    • Administrative Portal
      • Corrected an issue with the impersonate functionality that was introduced in 2014.06.04.03.
      • Corrected issue with Store_Receipt_Subject_Lines not working with the Confirmation Letter System.
    • Bridges
      • Refined Training
        • Corrected issue where some variables were stored and changed the names of the variables.

2014.06.03 - July 2014

Download the 2014.06.03 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Added new Telerik dll’s for compatibility with latest browsers. Telerik version 2014.2.618.40.
      • Corrected issue with searches containing apostrophes not working.
      • Improved performance on the myorders.aspx page to reduce timeouts.
      • Modified the myorders.aspx page to not show a link to electronic documents or an LMS if the URL is blank in the appropriate general lookup table.
    • Events
      • Ignore Event Maximum – New Store_Setting – ConfigEventIgnoreMaxRegistrantsForEvent – When set to False an event is considered full when the Maximum on the Define an Event screen is met. When set to True, the Maximum on the Define and Event screen is ignored and only function limits are enforced.
    • Bridges
      • WebCourseWorks - Implemented Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Resolutions
    • Billing
      • Corrected issue where proration did not work if there was not special pricing setup on a dues product.
    • Bridges
      • Updated web services for the following LMS bridges to process most recent orders first.
      • For the following bridges modified action of order processing to continue processing orders that have no errors and display an error for those orders with errors.

2014.06.01 - 2014.06.02 - June 2014

Download the 2014.06.02 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Added better error-trapping for GetBatchDetails errors.
    • Events
      • Added support for PassKey.
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Corrected issue with coupons emptying the cart and causing an error.
  • Bridge Resolutions
    • Blue Sky eLearn: Corrected issue with create link SCOID error.
    • Modified the following bridges to accommodate a single order with multiple order lines that need to be ‘resynched’. The error would appear when only some of the order lines would be synched to the third part. In that situation, when you try to re-synch the orders the other order lines would not be sent to the third-party LMS/Webinar company.
      • Digital Ignite
      • Digitec
      • GoToTraining
      • GoToWebinar
      • Moodle
      • Omnovia
      • Freestone LMS (formerly Peach New Media)
      • WebCourseWorks
      • ScholarLab: Removed requirement for wsContacts license in ScholarLabClass.cs.
      • Moodle: Change the send orders to Moodle to send Country Code instead of Country.
      • CECity: Updates to bridge to push data to CECity.

2014.06 - June 2014

Download the 2014.06 Release Notes Download the 2014.06 User Guide
  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Implemented ‘Use Company Pricing’. When ‘Use Company Pricing’ is enabled in iMIS, orders and registrations will be charged at the company’s customer-type rate for any individuals linked to the company.
      • Implemented receipt subject line masks. This feature allows different subject lines to be generated when receipts and confirmations are emailed to customers.
        • New General Lookup/Validation table: STORE_RECEIPT_SUBJECT_LINES
      • Increased performance in image thumbnail processing.
      • Updated modal window design.
      • New Store_Settings:
        • IntSearchRecordsPerPage – this new setting controls how many records per page are returned in a search. Searches are now shown in a paginated format with page number, next page and previous page indicators. Discontinued use of IntMaxSearchResults and MaxSearchResultsMessage settings.
      • Added a feature to send an email to the ‘errorsto’ address in the appSettings.config file when a PayPal void occurs on a transaction.
      • Added support for http and https in links in receipts.
      • Added ‘Immediate Add to Cart’ functionality to add items into the cart from a hyperlink.
      • Added to the description that all kits should have at least one "product" in them even if they are a kit of events.
    • Events
      • Title and Company field will now collapse when registering someone else instead of being hidden if they are designated to not display.
      • Added quantity and removed event title to function listing for registrations in the cart.
      • Added event title and date to registrations displayed on the myorders.aspx page.
    • Billing
      • Added new field to ATS_DUES user-defined table - PROFILE. This field will store the name of a SQL view that will prevent people from continuing through the dues process. The view needs to contain two fields: ID and NOTE. The ID is the ID that is no longer eligible to continue and the NOTE is the message they will see.
      • Implemented Criteria field in ATS_DUES table. This field is used to store the name of a SQL view that selects the ID’s of the records allowed to use that entry. Mainly used if Member Type/Category/Status combination is not sufficient.
      • Added kits of dues products. New General Lookup table: STORE_DUES_KITS
    • Orders
      • Added a method to recognize reversal of electronic orders and Show “Cancelled” on My Orders page.
      • Added support for https in electronic items.
  • Resolutions
    • General
      • Modified batch creation to honor EventSeparateBatch setting in Batch_Settings table.
      • Modified batch creation to honor the option to put events in separate batches, even when an event registration was not the first transaction of the day.
      • For checkout windows we pass a set of parameters that can be used by the checkout window. Those include BT_ID, ST_ID, SUBSCRIPTION_TRANS_ID, DONATION_TRANS_IDS, DUES_TRANS_IDS, and ORDER_IDS. The parameter BT_ID was spelled incorrectly.
      • Corrected dues and orders receipt so that the date would display consistently (MMMM, dd, yyyy).
      • Clear security code field when a credit card fails.
      • Corrected an issue if there was a cross sell general lookup table (STORE_CROSSSELL_EVENT_TO_PROD, STORE_SUBSTITUTE_EVENT_TO_PROD, or STORE_UPSELL_EVENT_TO_PROD) and the product in the description field was not a valid product code, the product page would not display.
      • Corrected issue with coupons where a notice would be displayed that items were removed from the cart with the message "Cannot find product".
      • Corrected an issue where, if multiple coupons are used and one coupon in invalid, some items were incorrectly removed from the cart.
      • Fixed an issue where the search autocomplete would not work when Store installed in root of web site.
    • Events
      • Changed event registration to not show functions using prefix QSTO for registrants if there were no fees for that specific registrant class.
    • Billing
      • Resolved issue where the login button on the Dues page was sending users to the incorrect page, instead of sending them to the login page.
    • Orders
      • Resolved an issue when a product was marked as show on web and was utilizing special pricing would result in an error when searched in the store.
      • Changed the search results to show the master product instead of all of the child products, when the child product was the first product in the search results.
      • Corrected an issue where ShowProductCategoriesBrief if marked as false would still display on the search results page.
      • Corrected an issue where a product that was removed from a web category in iMIS would still show in the search results.
    • Administrative Portal
      • Modified Bridge view pending orders report to not show orders where the order lines quantity was less than 1.
      • Corrected an issue where orders under the LMS Bridges would still display as Pending even after successfully submitting the order.
      • Fixed issue with double-messaging in the admin portal when impersonating a user.
      • Corrected an issue where the export to excel button in the Admin Portal for coupons would not produce a download file.
      • Modified the store to properly recognize WebCourseworks settings and products.
      • Updated administrative report that reported certification products with categories as invalid.
      • Modified bridges to check for isnumeric on uf_2.
      • Fix Simlogin to Set GUID Cookie for On Behalf Of Function When CookieEncryptionEnabled=True.

2014.03.05 - April 2014

Download the 2014.03.05 Release Notes
  • Resolutions
    • Corrected issue where ShowSpecials in Store_Settings was not turning off when set to false
    • Corrected issue when Ending_Member_Type or Ending_Billing_Category was set to asterisk (*) in ATS_DUES that caused the process to set either field to an asterisk (*)
    • Corrected issue with checkout when Global Transport is the only payment method allowed and the price of an order is $0.00

2014.03.04 - April 2014

Download the 2014.03.04 Release Notes
  • Resolutions
    • Updated column reference in search from CAT_DESC to CATEGORY_DESC
    • Corrected issues with dues that caused object reference errors
    • Corrected issue with dues items were not sorting correctly. Now, each product type’s products will sort by Pay Priority
    • Modified dues summary page to only show paid through date for items with a type of DUES
    • Corrected issue that was changing the Bill Date on previously-billed items
    • Corrected issue with not being able to use an asterisk (*) in the Start_Billing_Category field in ATS_DUES

2014.03.03 - April 2014

Download the 2014.03.03 Release Notes
  • Resolutions
    • Corrected issues with display of ‘Your Price’ on search results page and ‘recently viewed’ box for products and subscriptions
    • Corrected calculation of ‘Your Price’ when using special pricing for products

2014.03.02 - March 2014

Download the 2014.03.02 Release Notes
  • Resolutions
    • Corrected issue with MyOrders.aspx page displaying an error if the ID has any invalid characters that result in invalid XML in the Activity.NOTE or Activity.NOTE2 fields
    • Improved date processing to better support globalization for alternative date formats such as dd/mm/yyyy

2014.03.01 - March 2014

Download the 2014.03.01 Release Notes
  • Enhancements
    • Implemented support for Global Payments Global Transport – Global Transport allows you to offer an off-site payment solution (similar to PayPal Express). In addition, added several other controls for payment notes and button labels.
      • New Store_Settings:
        • PaymentACHNote - Note that appears at the top of the ACH payment block
        • PaymentACHButtonText – Text on button to complete/process an ACH payment
        • PaymentCCNote - Note that appears at the top of the credit card payment block
        • PaymentCCButtonText– Text on button to complete/process a credit card payment
        • PaymentPONote – Text that appears at the top of the Purchase Order payment block. This replaces PurchaseOrderNote which is deprecated. PurchaseOrderNote will be honored for legacy purposes unless PaymentPONote is provided
        • PaymentGlobalPaymentsNote - Text that appears at the top of the Global Payments checkout block
        • PaymentGlobalPaymentsButtonText – Text on button to navigate to Global Payments site for checkout
        • PaymentGlobalPayments – When set to True enables Global Payments checkout option. Must also setup Global_Transport_Settings General Lookup Table
      • New General Lookup Table – GLOBAL_TRANSPORT_SETTINGS
        • GT_API_TOKEN -Global Transport API token received from Global Transport Service eCommerce Boarding site
        • GT_CONTENT_TEMPLATE_URL – HTTPS URL where merchant template resides. If omitted, the page will render without a template for use in the pop-up integrations
        • GT_PRODUCTION_URL – Global Transport production URL. This will be used if the Online Marketplace is NOT set to demo mode for payments
        • GT_PROFILE_ID – Global Transport Profile ID you received from the Global Transport eCommerce Boarding site. Unique account number from Global Transport Secure Page
        • GT_SANDBOX_URL – Global Transport sandbox URL. This will be used if the Online Marketplace IS set to demo mode for payments. NOTE: All test orders/registrations must be under $11.00 or they will be declined
  • Resolutions
    • Corrected issue with dues coupons not adjusting the price on products leaving a balance due.
    • Corrected issue with receipts only displaying one subscription when multiples are paid.

2014.03 - March 2014

Download the 2014.03 Release Notes Download the 2014.03 User Guide
  • Enhancements
    • Modified MyOrders page to not show ‘add to calendar’ links for past events.
    • Modified MyOrders page to not fail if the event definition has been removed for an event someone registered for.
    • Modified Subscriptions to allow you to add a subscription if the person does not have a ‘DUES’ item and already had another Subscription item.
    • Added new fields to the Event Confirmation Letters: 
      • Registrant_Class
      • Registrant_Class_Description
      • Prefix
      • Suffix
      • Designation
      • Middle Name
      • Phone
      • New Store_Settings:
        • Dues
          • LblDuesProcessSomeoneElseButton – text for button displayed when paying someone else’s dues
          • ConfigDuesBillCompanyRecord – reserved for future use
    • Orders
      • ConfigOrdersBillCompanyRecord – when set to True, the Bill To ID on all orders will be set to the Company ID
    • Events
      • ConfigEventsBillCompanyRecord – when set to True, the Bill To ID on all registrations will be set to the Company ID
  • Resolutions
    • Corrected issue where search results would return 1 more than what is set in the IntMaxSearchResults Store_Setting.
    • Corrected issue with coupons and stored procedure pricing not working for products that had a special pricing rule setup by member type.
    • Corrected issue with event coupons not properly being recorded.
    • Changed Newest Items to sort by newest Publication Date.
    • Corrected an issue with inactive ATS_Checkout_Windows displaying.
    • Corrected issue with REG_ functions only requiring the one with the lowest Sort Sequence.
    • Corrected issue in dues when paying someone else’s dues where the logged in ID appeared more than once.
    • Modified dues application to work correctly is the beginning status is not A or an asterisk in the ATS_DUES table.
    • Corrected issue with clearing carts when registering someone else for an event.
    • Corrected issue with not writing Gateway Reference Number not being written to the Trans.GATEWAY_REF field.
    • Modified RadScriptManager to include imageLens script to fix missing magnifying glass on products.
    • Corrected issue in shopping cart when the cart needs to remove dues when they are already paid.
    • Corrected issue in shopping cart when paying someone else’s dues and your dues are already paid.
    • Modified to the Payment.aspx page to clear the credit card field on successful or failed entry.
    • Corrected issues with searching not returning results from all searchable fields.
    • Corrected issue with Canadian Tax where PST tax was charged for items not marked PST but are marked for GST tax.
    • Corrected issue with default pricing not working in Events.
    • Corrected issue with object reference error when entering payment information.
    • Corrected issue with ‘register someone else’ list when Canadian taxation is enabled.

2014.01 - February 2014

Download the 2014.01 Release Notes Download the 2014.01 User Guide
  • Enhancements
    • Modified dues when processing chapters. If the option CHAPTERPRODUCT_ALLOW_CHANGE is set to false and CHAPTER_ALWAYS_SHOW is set to false then the chapter selection page will not be shown and existing chapter Subscription records will automatically be added to the cart but only if the product codes are selected in the billing cycle.
    • Added new Telerik controls to support Internet Explorer 11.
    • Added ability to add a subscription product (or other non-DUES item) after paying for dues that included another subscription product.
    • Changed the calculation of dates for single subscriptions to calculate the paid through date based on the renewal months instead of synchronizing with the Name paid through date on member records.
    • New Store_Setting – Dues
      • ConfigSyncSubDatesWithPrimaryDues – If set to true, subscriptions added to the cart will synchronize with the primary dues item’s dates. If set to false, the subscription dates will be calculated according to the billing cycle.
    • Modified the receipt used on confirmation letter templates to properly show tax on registrations.
    • Modified the functionality of search using iMIS Web Categories. When clicking on an iMIS Web Category from the right gutter, child products will not be displayed; only Master Products will display.
    • Added new fields to the Event Confirmation Letters:
      • Member_Type
      • Member_Type_Description
  • Resolutions
    • Corrected issue where speakers were not being displayed in the brief listing if ShowEventSpeakersBrief was set to true.
    • Modified brief listing to honor Store_Settings ShowEventsMemberPrice and ShowEventsNonmemberPrice when ShowEventPricingBrief is set to true.
    • Added error trapping for situations where registration functions in carts were switched to guest functions before checkout.
    • Corrected several issues that were causing a compatibility warning in HTML 5.0 browsers.
    • Modified product detail to not show backorder status for kits where not all of the products are stock items.
    • Corrected issue with kits when using multiple warehouses.
    • Corrected issue with Specials in the right gutter displaying when the ShowEventPricingMini and ShowProductPricingMini were set to false.
    • Corrected issue when directing customers to the Marketplace using EXPAND=TRUE in the link and the person was already registered it appeared that they could register. They could not register but it caused confusion; now it directs the person to view other events or, if setup, register someone else.
    • Modified shopping cart orders class to properly record coupon use for shipping, handling and freight coupons.
    • Corrected spelling of ConfigSyncSubDatesWithPrimaryDues.
    • Changed dues to flow correctly when someone is changing both member type and category as part of the join or renew process.
    • Corrected issue where products using stored procedure pricing were not displaying the price correctly when logged in.
    • Corrected issue in data sent to PayPal. Order numbers are stored in the Note field and had a leading comma. This has been removed.
    • Corrected issue for iMIS versions 15.2.0 – 15.2.5 to allow usage of default pricing in event functions.
    • Corrected issue with automatic and linked functions where the function was linked to more than one function; the system tried to register them into the function twice.
    • Modified the email receipt or confirmation to not display an error when the email cannot be sent. Receipt/confirmation will still be displayed but an email server error will not display.
    • Corrected issue when displaying the MyOrders page when not licensed for all modules.
    • Corrected issue with viewing event receipts when the person was not licensed for orders.
    • Corrected issue with viewing dues receipts when the person was not licensed for orders or events.
    • Corrected an error that occurred on the MyOrders page if an order had no Order_Lines.
    • Corrected an error that occurred on the MyOrders page if a registration had no functions.
    • Corrected issue when products set to ‘view on web’ were displayed in search results.
    • Improved searching performance by optimizing special pricing calculations.

2013.02 - 2013.10

2013.10 - November 2013

Download the 2013.10 Release Notes Download the 2013.10 User Guide
  • Enhancements
    • New Store_Settings -- Events
      • ConfigEventDetailDisplayMode – Controls the mode of display of the event detail on the Event Detail Page. Options are: Linear, Tabs, PanelsExplandAll, PanelsExpandNone, PanelsExpandFirst.
      • ConfigEventFunctionDisplayMode – Controls the mode of display for function detail on the Event Registration page. Options are: Linear, Tabs, PanelsExplandAll, PanelsExpandNone, PanelsExpandFirst.
      • LBLEventDetails – Label for description at top of registration page.
      • LBLEventDirections – Label for displaying Event Directions.
      • Phasing out ConfigEventDetailResourceGroup & ConfigEventDetailResourceType.
      • LBLEventTitleHeaderPrefix – controls the ‘Event Registration’ text at the top of the registration page before the title.
      • ShowEventCalendarToolTip – When set to true the tooltip displays when you hover over an event in the event calendar. When set to false the tooltip will not display when you hover over an event in the calendar.
    • New Store_Settings – Orders
      • Product display labels
        • LBLProductAuthor
        • LBLProductAvailableForDownload
        • LBLProductBackorder
        • LBLProductBackorderEmailNote
        • LBLProductCode
        • LBLProductDetails
        • LBLProductEdition
        • LBLProductISBNNumber
        • LBLProductMedia
        • LBLProductPages
        • LBLProductPublisher
        • LBLProductTotalQtyAvailable
        • LBLProductUnitOfMeasure
      • ShowMasterProductDescription – Controls display of description setup with Master Products.
      • ShowMasterProductSelectedDescriptions – Controls display of descriptions for selected product from within Master Products.
    • New Store_Settings – Other
      • IntMaxSearchResults – indicates the maximum number of results displayed. A value of 0 (zero) indicates no limit.
      • LBLSubscriptionDetails – Label for top of subscription detail page.
      • MaxSearchResultsMessage – Message displayed if the actual number of results returned from a search exceeds the number defined in ShowIntMaxSearchResults.
      • PaymentPurchaseOrderOrders – iMIS 15.2.5 and higher only
      • PaymentPurchaseOrderEvents – iMIS 15.2.5 and higher only
    • New General Lookup Tables – Events:
      • Store_Event_Function_Resources
      • Store_Event_Meeting_Resources
      • Store_Registration_Validation
    • Expanded event resource functionality
    • Updated modal window design for meeting resources and ‘send email’ functionality.
    • Modified Web Category display to auto-expand and highlight that category if you link directly to it.
    • Added additional style sheet references to event display options.
    • Modified GetRegClassByEvent to not require record status to be ‘A’ (Active) for member pricing. Price is calculated on member type alone.
    • Updated Telerik controls to latest version for best compatibility with newest browsers and increased performance.
    • Event resources will now display in sort order defined in Event Resources.
    • Optimized resize.aspx to speed up image loading.
  • Resolutions
    • Corrected issue where member type, category, status or chapter changes for a person from the time they login in until they process dues. The Marketplace will now refresh the latest information from iMIS at the time of dues process, which may be different from than what it was when they first entered.
    • Corrected issue where ‘Remove from Cart’ was not displayed if the title of the product had a single quote in it.
    • Elongated the security code field wider for and full of all 4 digits in the box.
    • Corrected issue on shipping screen when the default country in the database was not United States.
    • Corrected issue with image not displaying correctly when there was a tilde (~) in the URL.
    • Corrected issue where Featured Events would show multiple times if you had more than one entry in the Store_Featured_Events table.
    • Improved performance of Featured items on initial page load.
    • Corrected issue with kits not showing on backorder.
    • Corrected issue that allowed the sale of non-active, non-stock items.
    • Enlarged display of credit card security field to 4.
    • Modified payment process to properly display error when an order cannot be created for a $0 product due to a problem in iMIS.
    • Correct issue with setting paid thru dates on subscription records.
    • Corrected issue where ‘Remove from Cart’ message would not display if the title of the item has a single quote in it.
    • Corrected issue with SUBPRODUCT_TEXT not appearing during dues renewals/joins.
    • Corrected issue with re-emailing receipts.
    • Modified ‘Add to Calendar’ so that it will truncate descriptions so that the total URL length does not exceed 2000 characters and produce an error.
    • Modified product detail page as it was rendering thumbnail image but never displaying it. This will improve performance on that page.
    • Adjusted default style sheet to right justify number fields in cart.

2013.08 - August 2013

Download the 2013.08 Release Notes Download the 2013.08 User Guide
  • Enhancements
    • Added Stored Procedure Pricing for Products.
      • New General Lookup table:  STORE_PRODUCT_SP_PRICING
    • Implemented pre-requisite functions for Events.  When setting up events you can now specify what function a person has to sign up for before others can be displayed.
      • New General Lookup table: STORE_EVENT_FUNCTION_PREREQ
    • Implemented Event Question Manager functionality.
    • Eliminated use of ATS_SHOPPINGCARTEVENTS and moved all event shopping cart storage to ATS_SHOPPING_CART. This means that any stored procedure pricing for events that looked in the cart will need to be modified to look at the table ATS_SHOPPINGCARTEVENTS. The following script will show any stored procedures using this table. These stored procedures should be updated.
        FROM syscomments
        AND OBJECTPROPERTY(id, 'IsProcedure') = 1
    • Increased performance of Register Someone Else functionality by reducing the number of lookups to determine if a registration for a person is already in the shopping cart or if they are already registered for the event.
    • Introduced better error trapping for invalid proration setup in iMIS.
    • Modified dues to handle multiple categories during the selection process.
    • Added new columns to ATS_DUES table
      • START_CHAPTER - Chapter of the person used to determine if they can use this dues management record. An asterisk is a wildcard
      • END_CHAPTER - not used at this time (future use. Note that this does not change the chapter of the record after dues are processed)
      • BILLINGCATEGORY_TEXT - this is the text that will be displayed if the dues requires a selection of a billing category
      • CRITERIA - not used at this time (future use)
    • Added Shipping Tracking using iMIS Activities for DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS.
    • When EventSeparateBatch setting in the Batch_Settings General Lookup/Validation table is set to True the name of the batch will include the Event Code.
    • Modified Dues Summary page to not show the Through Date on VOL Dues items.
    • Modified dues to pre-check items for a product type if the number of available items matches the minimum number of items in ATS_DUES.
  • Resolutions
    • Corrected spelling of LBLSUBSCRIPTIONDETAILSBUTTON which was causing an error when saving settings.
    • Modified processing to set the payment amount which was causing an issue in 15.2.10 and has not been seen in other versions of iMIS.
    • Corrected issue for image search results size for products only.
    • Upgraded to Telerik 2013 Q1 version to ensure support for latest browsers.
    • Updated featured items code to be much more efficient when featured events are in the general lookup table.
    • Modified product detail and product detail brief to increase performance, especially when there are multiple (30+) search results on the page.
    • Corrected issue where dues items were added multiple times if you hit the back and forward button. This only happened on items that were hidden from the screen and when you only had one option for a person. That option was auto-selected and could be added twice if you hit the back and forward buttons on the dues application.
    • Modified the Store to NOT throw a serious error if you specify an event in the URL that doesn't exist.
    • Updated coupon generator to never return duplicate random coupon codes.
    • Corrected issue where Bill To ID was not properly set when an existing registration was edited from the cart AND stored procedure pricing was in place that requires the Bill To ID.
    • Corrected issue with displaying "your price" when a member is logged in and they are viewing the price of a master product. The correct amount was charged when it was added to the cart but the screen display was incorrect.
    • Modified system to report and display an error when someone uses dues and specifies a billing cycle where the products in the billing cycle are not set to ‘Sell on Web’. This was causing problems with the processing in iMIS.
    • Changed orders so that freight methods don't have to be all upper case in the Store_Shipping_Methods table. When they were mixed case, this caused the description to be blank in the store.
    • Modified confirmation letter to show credit card number as masked to conform with the new PCI compliance options in iMIS.
    • Modified event registration and product detail so that if the query string link comes into the page as lowercase the product code and event code will be converted to uppercase.
    • Modified search events web service to search for terms correctly.
    • Increased efficiency and error trapping reporting in dues application, especially when paying dues for multiple people.
    • Modified events so that GRPO_ functions allow a maximum of one selected.
    • Modified subscriptions to properly set the paid through date based on the fiscal year for annual dues.
    • Modified images for Store_Specials_Events.
    • Corrected issue with an electronic product in a master product.
    • Corrected dues issue in calculating proration month for bump proration.
    • Correct issue with web services that prevented Comments from displaying.
    • Corrected issue where a logged in person gets an error when going to a meeting that hasn't started yet but the registration is closed.
    • Corrected issue where the postal code validator was not working correctly if the default country for the store is set to Canada.
    • Improved error trapping and reporting when processing dues (join/renew) to better troubleshoot setup issues.
    • Corrected issue with setting dues dates.
    • Corrected spacing of donations footer when additional options (e.g., In Memory Of) were turned off.
    • Corrected issue where an item was not correctly shown as backordered in product detail page.
    • Modified Web Categories creation. Some versions of iMIS have the table ORDERCATEGORYSORT and some do not. The code will now check for the existence of that table and will not throw an error if it doesn't exist.
    • Made Search box validators dynamic which helps eliminate whitespace in search box.

2013.05 - June 2013

Download the 2013.05 Release Notes Download the 2013.05 User Guide
  • Enhancements
    • Added functionality to display iMIS Chapter Prompt setting for invalid chapter selections in dues.
    • Added a style to the style sheet for required event functions.
    • Added functionality to allow ‘Register Someone Else’ at either a global or even-by-event basis.
    • New Store_Settings:
      • ShowEventPricingMini – Shows event pricing on all mini listings (i.e. Featured Items, Newest, Best Sellers).
      • ShowProductPricingBrief – Turns on/off product prices in the brief listing.
      • ShowProductPricingMini – Shows product pricing on all mini listings (i.e. Featured Items, Newest, Best Sellers).
    • Added script to find missing fields in user-defined tables.
    • Added PDF Security using EVOPDF.  New Store_Settings for this functionality:
      • PDFSecuritySecurePDF – Enables PDF security.
      • PDFSecurityOptions - sets the values of the PDF security settings. Those that are included are set to TRUE, otherwise they are set to false. This is a string and can be comma delimited. Valid values include:
        • CANCOPYCONTENT - Can copy the document content.
        • CANEDITCONTENT - Can edit PDF document content.
        • CANFILLFORMFIELDS - Can fill the form fields.
        • CANPRINT - Can print the document.
        • CANEDITANNOTATIONS - Can edit PDF document annotations.
      • PDFSecurityOwnerPassword - The password required to change permissions of the PDF document like printing or editing.
      • PDFSecurityUserPassword - The password required to open the PDF document.
    • Rolled regular scrape methodology over to Modal scrape, and changed modal masterpage to use the new calls.
  • Resolutions
    • Resolved issue where if ShowSearchBox was set to False, View Cart/Checkout button would not display.
    • Corrected an issue where event limits were not being recognized.
    • Added loading panel to Notify Me button.
    • Corrected issue when the Store_Setting ShowProductWebCategoriesList was set to true but web categories were not setup.
    • Corrected issue with notice that wasn’t showing up when a purchaser asks to be notified via email if a product is on backorder.
    • Modified Confirmation Letter System to properly show registration date.
    • Modified Confirmation Letter System to show credit cards as masked.
    • Changed all instances of http:// to just // in src or href references used for images, javascripts, or CSS, so that they won't cause validation errors in https implementations.
    • Updated value and checked attributes of checkboxes in CheckoutTestSurvey page to use proper HTML to avoid further validation errors.
    • Changed links to code.jquery.com to use Google's CDN instead, and linked each with the protocol agnostic format so it will use https when in secure mode. code.jquery.com is not available in https.
    • Corrected action of navigation buttons which were not working properly if you were using the expand=true in the URL when accessing an event.
    • Modified the login to check out on the main cart and the donations page to not include an extra slash "/" in the URL in cases where the Online Marketplace is not in a sub-folder.
    • Modified ‘View Previous Orders’ hyperlink back to Home page where someone had no orders.
    • Modified the view my orders and order printing to handle the order date on dues transactions with no payments. Previously the order date was set to the payment order date which was sometimes 1/1/0001 if there was no payment. Now if that date is blank we look at the transaction date and use that on the order and on the view my orders page for sorting.
    • Corrected issue with pricing for events not showing up in featured items, highlights, etc. but only in cases where the price could not be calculated.
    • Corrected error with LBLEVENTREGISTERSOMOENEELSEBUTTON not being saved.
    • Changed techniques of search results page to increase speed.
    • Corrected spelling of LBLSUBSCRIPTIONDETAILSBUTTON which was causing an error when saving settings.
    • Modified processing to set the payment amount which was causing an issue in 15.2.10 and has not been seen in other versions of iMIS.
    • Corrected issue for image search results size for products only.
    • Upgraded to telerik 2013 Q1 version to ensure support for latest browsers.
    • Updated featured items code to be much more efficient when featured events are in the general lookup table.
    • Modified product detail and product detail brief to increase performance, especially when there are multiple (30+) search results on the page.
    • Corrected issue where dues items were added multiple times if you hit the back and forward button. This only happened on items that were hidden from the screen and when you only had one option for a person. That option was auto-selected and could be added twice if you hit the back and forward buttons on the dues application.
    • Modified the Store to NOT throw a serious error if you specify an event in the URL that doesn't exist.
    • Updated coupon generator to never return duplicate random coupon codes.
    • Corrected issue where Bill To ID was not properly set when an existing registration was edited from the cart AND stored procedure pricing was in place that requires the Bill To ID.

2013.04 - April 2013

Download the 2013.04 Release Notes Download the 2013.04 User Guide
  • Enhancements
    • New Event Store_Settings:
      • EventLoginButton – Text on button shown ‘Login to Register’ button.
      • EventRegistrationButton – Text on ‘Register Yourself’ button.
      • EventRegisterSomeoneElseButton – Text on ‘Register Someone Else’ button.
      • LBLEventError – Message displayed when there is an error like no functions found.
      • LBLEventFull – Message displayed when an event is at capacity.
      • LBLEventLogin – Message displayed to prompt login for registration.
      • LBLEventWebViewOnly – Message displayed when the event is set to view on web only.
      • LBLRegisterToCalculate – Text displayed when the Online Marketplace cannot determine pricing before someone logs in.
    • Allow BCC Emails to Staff for Event Confirmation Letters – the ID number identified in Web Options on Event Setup will receive email copies of confirmation letters for that event.
    • New Electronic Content General Lookup/Validation Tables:
      • STORE_ETYPES_CLICK_DESCRIPTION – Controls the text a customer sees after purchasing each type of electronic content.
      • STORE_ETYPES_EXPIRATION_DAYS – Controls the number of days a customer has access to each type of electronic content.
      • STORE_XXXX – Expands the functionality of the STORE_INTERNAL table where you can have a table for each type of electronic content.
    • Added additional style sheet control over elements in dues when showing radio buttons.
    • No longer using STOREEMAIL activity type.
    • Added new fields to Confirmation Letter System:
      • Event_Code
      • Event_Early_Cutoff
      • Event_Regular_Cutoff
      • Order_Number
    • Added Multi-Warehouse Support – The Online Marketplace can now identify which warehouses can be used for purchases in the desired order of selection.
      • New General Lookup/Validation Table – STORE_WAREHOUSES
    • Added PDF Watermarking functionality
      • New Store_Settings:
        • ConfigWaterMarkPDFFiles
        • LBLWatermarkCopyrightStatement
  • Resolutions
    • Modified member and nonmember labels in event listing to display what is entered into store settings.  Added numerous classes to event listing to allow styling.
    • Modified event style sheet to cause the event prices not to wrap.
    • Modified the event address to show properly if there is a city and state but not an address. iMIS was adding an extra blank line that we removed.
    • Modified Specials images which was creating bloated URL’s on each subsequent load of the home page.
    • Modified Online Markeptlace dues to properly handle changes in category during the join/renewal process.
    • Modified ATS web services to look for blank, United States, or the value that you enter into the store setting called CONFIGDEFAULTCOUNTRYDATABASE when calculating tax.
    • Modified display of pricing in event listing view when there is only one function in an event. If there is only one function, the system should show the member/nonmember price. If there is more than one function then it should say "register to calculate." The single function must be "REG" or use the STORE_EVENT_FUNCTION_PREFIXES to use other prefixes (e.g., MAIN).
    • Corrected issue when ATS_DUES table had entries for Join, Renew and SUBS that caused interference with wildcard settings.
    • Moved inline styles for Add to Cart Notice to style sheet so users can control the look and feel of the Add to Cart Notice.
    • Corrected issue with email in Social Sharing that cause ‘register’ buttons to appear.
    • Corrected issue where when using &expand=true on an event registration URL the settings to show/hide speakers and the Add to Calendar features were not being honored.
    • Corrected Confirmation Letter Send Report to include registrant name.
    • Modified View Previous Orders page to display transaction date instead of payment date for no-charge dues items.
    • Modified system to allow for ampersand’s in product categories in iMIS.
    • Modified confirmation letter system to properly show registration date.
    • Modified confirmation letter system to show credit card number as masked.
    • Modified Online Marketplace to not show ‘Login to Register’ button for events set to View on Web.
    • Corrected issue with entities and registrations.
    • Modified View Previous Orders to not show quantity and price fields for order_lines with no price or quantity.
    • Removed restriction on electronic document links to only show for ATS Bridges and those in STORE_INTERAL General Lookup table.

2013.03 - March 2013

Download the 2013.03 Release Notes Download the 2013.03 User Guide
  • Enhancements
    • Added Coupon Generator.
    • Added Source Coding functionality.
      • New Store_Setting – ConfigPaymentSourceCode
      • New Store_Setting - ConfigPaymentSourceCodeParameter
    • Added additional error messages to make messages more clear.
    • Added additional error trapping to all bridges. Bridges will now email the ‘errorsto’ address if there is a problem synching but will not notify the purchaser of the error during checkout.
    • Changed calls to scrape functions to use newer ones that are more "intelligent." Instead of passing the hard-coded begin/end scrape tags, the new functions will automatically use those unless others have been provided in appSettings.
  • Resolutions
    • Corrected issue with default No Photo image. 
    • Corrected error in search pointing to wrong jquery library.
    • Corrected issue when the word ‘button’ shows up in the title when adding a product to the cart from the search results
    • Modified view previous orders to not throw an error when an order exists for a deleted event.
    • Updated DuesClass and corrected typo that was causing issues with the "catch all" dues management record for people that are not eligible to join or renew.
    • Updated Store/SSO landing page to pass a token to 3rd party LMS instead of the clear text iMISID.
    • Modified core webservices for orders to write the source code passed in (it was not previously)
    • Modified dues webservice to properly apply dues coupons
    • Modified orders webservice to properly apply the source code
    • Corrected issue with additional email field saving email addresses.
    • Corrected situation that would allow you to hit add to cart multiple times on dues page.
    • Modified process cart routine to accommodate nonmembers not eligible for an event to register a member that is.

2013.02 - February 2013

Download the 2013.02 Release Notes Download the 2013.02 User Guide
  • Enhancements
    • Updates to Confirmation Letter System.
      • EVENT_BEGIN_TIME was modified to FIRST_BEGIN_TIME
      • EVENT_END_TIME was modified to LAST_END_TIME
      • New functions:  FIRST_BEGIN_DATE; LAST_END_DATE
      • Fields for inclusion on confirmation letters are:
        • EVENT_BEGIN_DATE – event begin date entered into iMIS
        • EVENT_END_DATE – event end date entered into iMIS
        • FIRST_BEGIN_DATE – the date of the chronological first function that is set to show on the web and has a date/time
        • FIRST_BEGIN_TIME – the time of the chronological first function that is set to show on web and has a date/time
        • LAST_END_DATE – the date of the chronological last function that is set to show on the web and has a date/time
        • LAST_END_TIME – the time of the chronological last function that is set to show on web and has a date/time
    • Added enhancement to DUES_ROLLUP table to allow for usage of wildcards in product codes to work like the Customer Type table in iMIS. (ie CHAPT/%)
    • Added YourPrice functionality - Your Price shows the price of the person logged in. If no one is logged in then Your Price is the price of the anonymous user. People have the ability to turn Member Price, Non Member Price, and Your Price on/off. This can be used in situations where the client only has one price in the database. In addition there is a new parameter called ShowOnlyYourPriceWhenLoggedIn. When set to true it will only show the Your Price value if the person is logged in and automatically hide the nonmember and member price. This will show the Your Price even if Your Price is turned off in the other settings.
      • New STORE_SETTINGS for YourPrice:
        • LblYourPrice – this is the label that displays on the screen when you enable Your Price
        • ShowProductsMemberPrice – true/false – if true shows the member price in the product detail, product detail brief, highlights, recently viewed, and specials
        • ShowProductsNonmemberPrice – true/false – if true shows the Nonmember price in the product detail, product detail brief, highlights, recently viewed, and specials
        • ShowProductsYourPrice – true/false – if true shows YourPrice in the product detail, product detail brief, highlights, recently viewed, and specials
        • ShowEventsMemberPrice – true/false – if true shows the member price in the event detail brief, highlights, recently viewed, and specials
        • ShowEventsNonmemberPrice – true/false – if true shows the Nonmember price in the event detail brief, highlights, recently viewed, and specials
        • ShowEventsYourPrice – true/false – if true shows Your price in the event detail brief, highlights, recently viewed, and specials
        • ShowOnlyYourPriceWhenLoggedIn – true/false – if true and the person is logged in, it will hide the member and nonmember price and only show the Your Price value.
    • Removed the need for Coupon product category and codes.
    • New Store_Setting – LBLCOMPLIMENTARYORDERBUTTON – This allows you to change the label on the ‘Place Order’ button for complimentary orders.
    • Added Tag Cloud functionality to show most popular words in in a cloud with weighting for more frequently used words. Description: The Tag Cloud feature will create a list of words in the iMIS Products and Events. It searches all of the fields that are searched including authors and presenters. The words that occur more frequently will be displayed with a larger font. When you click on a word it will conduct a search on that word.
      • New Custom Table – ATS_CONTENT_KEYWORDS
      • New Stored Procedure – ATS_BUILD_CONTENT_KEYWORDS
      • New Functions
      • New General Lookup Table – STORE_SEARCH_KEYWORD_EXCLUDE
        • Added setup configuration to populate with most common 150 English words
      • New Store_Settings
        • SHOWTAGCLOUD when set to true will show the tag cloud (Boolean: Default true)
        • LBLTAGCLOUD label that will show at the top of Tag Cloud (String: Default Keywords)
        • INTMAXTAGCLOUDITEMS maximum number of cloud keywords to display (Number: Default 30)
    • Added Auto-Search functionality – when a person types in the search box a drop-down is displayed showing words that contain the typed text.  Uses the same new custom table, stored procedure, functions and general lookup table as the Tag Cloud functionality.
      • New Store_Setting – SHOWAUTOTEXTBOXSEARCH when set to true turns on auto-searching
    • Added dues and subscription functionality
      • New user-defined table: ATS_DUES
      • New general lookup table: STORE_DUES_CATEGORIES_ADDL
      • New Store_Settings
        • ConfigDuesAnnualStartMonth – Sets the default dues annual start month.  If 0, then it will calculate based on the ‘First Month of Fiscal Year’ setting in iMIS.
        • ConfigDuesManagerID – ID record in iMIS that will manage dues processes.
        • lblDues – Label for box to display dues/subscription links.
        • ShowSearchSubscriptions – If set to true, searches include Dues/Subscription items.  This should only be turned on if you are licensed for the Dues Module of the Online Marketplace.
        • URLSubscriptionImageNotFound – URL of subscription image to display if one is not set on the subscription/dues item.  NOTE: You cannot set this in iMIS however; it can be done with SQL in the Products table.
    • Added functionality for processing Diners Club credit cards.  There are several new entries in the Batch_Settings table for this functionality.
      • BatchCashAccountDiners
      • CardTypeDiners
      • CashAccountDiners
    • Added new Batch_Settings for processing electronic checks:
      • BatchCashAccountCheck
      • CashAccountCheck
      • CashAccountCheckProcessor
    • Expanded Coupon functionality to include Dues, Freight, Handling and Shipping.
    • Added additional CSS classes on Div tags for better styling capabilities.
    • Added additional email field for sending copies of confirmations/receipts to during the checkout process.
    • Modified ‘View Previous Orders’ screen to allow printing and emailing of confirmation letters and receipts.
    • New Store_Settings:
      • ShowHomeButton
      • ShowSearchBox
      • ViewOrderTypes
    • New General Lookup/Validation Table – Store_Product_Search_Filters – Allow you to filter what products a person can purchase once logged in.
    • New General Lookup/Validation Table – Store_Event_Function_Prefixes – Allows for the use of pre-defined function prefixes to function like ATS Function Prefixes.
    • New User-Defined Table/Tab – ATS_Checkout_Windows – used for creating post-checkout popup windows.
  • Resolutions
    • Corrected issue with ‘Times Used So Far’ field not incrementing on Coupons tab.
    • Corrected issue with event detail issue display.
    • Improved guest badge display/refresh after adding guest badges.
    • Updated product display for items set to ‘View on Web.’  The ‘Item is not currently for sale on the web’ message does not display.  Also, backorder information does not display now.
    • Applied CSS override to all modal windows.
    • Increased performance with additional caching
    • Corrected some misspellings of store settings
    • Corrected issue of Web Description showing up on Master Products when it should not.
    • Corrected issue with orders with an extension (100.1, etc) not showing up in MyOrders.
    • Corrected how quantity available is calculated for products.
    • Modifications to code to speed up searching.
    • Modified Coupon fields to not be case-sensitive.
    • Modifications to the Facebook API and Social Sharing.
      • New Store Settings – ConfigSocialPrimary, ConfigSocialSecondary
    • Modified Cart and Mini-cart to return the customer to the registration detail for easier modifications.
    • Modified Cart to allow you to expand registrations to see all functions.  New Store_Setting ShowEventFunctionsAtCheckout.
    • Made titles consistent between ‘View Previous Orders’ and receipts.
    • Corrected issue with showing ‘Your Price’ on product searches.
    • Updated header text on ‘View Previous Orders’ page.
    • Modified sorting to respect Long Titles entered in the Store_Long_Titles table.
    • Corrected error in ATS_CHECKOUT_WINDOWS script
    • Improved error reporting in online dues processing.
    • Added a class of ‘required’ on all questions that are ‘required’ so they can be styled.
    • Modified ‘View Previous Orders’ and to allow an administrator (as defined in the dues module) to see all dues for the parent (company) record.
    • Corrected issue with single dues transaction not printing a receipt.