Job Bank

Want your members to be able to post job listings on your site? Use ATS' Job Bank to allow members to self-post their job listings with this iMIS-integrated tool.

Easy for members

  • Members simply log in and self-post job openings
  • Posting options include type in, upload PDF/ Word files, or provide URL link
  • Members designate start and stop dates for each posting
  • Easy to make changes as needed

A superior, low maintenance solution

  • No staff input required
  • All postings stored in iMIS
  • No need for outside services, up charges or bookkeeping hassles

Maintain total control

  • Staff can view data in iMIS and run reports
  • Manually override, cancel entries and make changes as appropriate

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Options for Integrating a Job Board with iMIS

Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Job boards are helping associations increase their membership value, and for some a significant source of non-dues revenue. Join us as we review options from leveraging the tools in iMIS for basic job board functionality to integrating with advanced platforms like Boxwood & YM Careers (Job Target).

Watch the recorded webinar Download the Webinar Slides