Check-In Module for iMIS

Want to create a more efficient check-in process utilizing bar codes? We can solve it.

Use iMIS and barcode scanner technology to facilitate check-ins and instantly verify information. It's inexpensive, easy to install and easier to operate.

Who can use this?

  • For check-in at facilities or off-site meetings/events including:
    • Organizations that conduct conferences or continuing education
    • Groups with on-site check-in: churches, daycares, gyms, etc.

Instantly identify and verify

  • Rapid processing and check-in
  • Utilizing barcode scanner technology
  • No further keyboard or mouse actions needed
  • Instant I.D. and visual (photo) verification
  • Member info automatically displayed onscreen at check-in
  • Activity automatically tracked and reported

Useful additional features

  • Look up feature allows staff to check-in individuals who have forgotten their membership cards
  • Wave files to notify staff of key events at check-in such as:
    • Member’s birthdays
    • Notification of delinquent dues

More Information

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