The ATS - The Pulse Network Bridge: A proven solution for customer engagement and content marketing

The Pulse Network provides a cloud-based platform focused on content marketing and event solutions.

A seamless integration of event technologies into clients existing processes

The Pulse Network Event Management Platform makes event management easy by managing every step in a single platform.

The Pulse Network Bridge provides an SSO (Single Sign On) and read access to iMIS via a custom IQA query letting you send whatever data you wish to The Pulse network. The bridge also has the ability for The Pulse network to write back detailed registration information to iMIS in the form of an activity record helping you track engagement in iMIS.

Easy Does It: Integration Made Simple

Gaining all the benefits of iMIS and The Pulse Network is a snap with this ATS iMIS Bridge. We offer everything it takes to get started quickly and easily assuring:

  • Compatibility with all versions of iMIS using the .NET iMIS Business Objects and Web Services (from 10-20)
  • An upgradeable, secure solution that accommodates several flexible deployment models
  • Easy set-up and one time configuration

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