The ATS Encaptiv Bridge:
Providing integration with the Encaptiv Platform

Encaptiv, the ultimate audience engagement platform for virtual, hybrid and in-person presentations & events.

Make Meaningful Connections.

At encaptiv, we know that engagement is about more than just interaction. That's why every feature within our platform is intentional. Whether you're virtual or in person, our goal is to create meaningful interactions that cultivate deeper connections between you and your audience that:

  • Leave a lasting impact
  • Provide greater value to sponsors and partners
  • Increase event ROI
  • Improve conversion success

Easy Does It: Integration Made Simple

Gaining all the benefits of iMIS and Encaptiv integration is a snap with the ATS iMIS Bridge. We offer everything it takes to get started quickly and easily, ensuring:

  • Compatibility with all versions of iMIS, including iMIS Cloud, using the .NET iMIS Business Objects, Restful API and Web Services (from 10-20)
  • An upgradeable, secure solution that accommodates several flexible deployment models
  • Easy set-up and one time configuration.

The bridge includes:

  • Single Sign On between iMIS and Encaptiv

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