Buyers' Guide

Associations often have a need to allow their members to promote their goods and services through the association website. This search tool can sometimes be a simple directory and other times result in a buyers' guide. The idea behind the guide includes the ability for the member to input demographics about  their organization and then let other members and the public search for them based on the goods and the services they provide. The following list contains links to some of the work that ATS has done for clients resulting in a public facing search mechanism.

National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association

NIRSA’s buyers’ guide was written completely custom according to NIRSA’s very specific requirements. The buyers’ guide allows members to search for companies by specific categories or by keyword. Results include a company logo and are styled to NIRSA’s exact requirements. Each company listing has an updatable profile that allows users to get more information regarding each company.

See NIRSA's buyers' guide

American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association

ASLRRA’s supplier search is written with a combination of Custom Code (handling security and redirection), out-of-the-box IQA queries, and ATS’ Custom Query Display iPart. The search allows users to search for suppliers in a variety of ways and will display information contextually based on whether or not the user is logged in as a member. The company profile provides users with clickable links to view other companies who offer the same products and services.

See ASLRRA's buyers' guide

The Builders’ Association

Builders’ buyers’ guide was written using a custom search page, ATS’ Custom Query Display iPart, and custom code (to allow to print and share the listing). Builders’ design is a minimalistic approach and gives users the ability to find exactly what they are looking for very easily.

See Builder's buyers' guide