Group Insurance Module

Stack of paperwork 

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could manage all of your group insurance information and tasks through iMIS? We can solve it.

Manage your entire member Group Insurance program straight from iMIS, including products, enrollments, premium calculations and billing.  

No need for a separate, third party application 

  • Avoid headaches associated with cross-application compatibility
  • Highly intuitive and user-friendly
  • Simplify and streamline your database

Comprehensive features mean easier maintenance  

  • Plan Category Maintenance (e.g. LIFE, DENTAL, DISABILITY)
  • Plan Code Maintenance (e.g. within DISABILITY: LTD, STD)
  • Price Maintenance – managing pricing levels from year to year
  • Enrollment Selection Maintenance – (e.g. Single vs. Family Coverage)
  • Enrollment Schedules – offers ability to calculate premiums based on variety of parameters, sliding scales and adjustable factors
  • Company Maintenance – enables subscriptions to offered plans, management of employee enrollments, billing history and notes
  • Employee Maintenance – enables enrollment/termination of offered plans, displays history, adjustments and notes
  • Billing – a variety of powerful and flexible billing features including seamless import into the iMIS A/R system
  • Customizable defaults
  • Strong security features

For more information about how we can build a similar custom solution for you, contact us at your convenience.