Continuing Education Approval System

The ATS Continuing Education Approval System (CEAS) provides an iMIS-integrated method for streamlining the process of submitting an application for a continuing education program and the review of that application. For example, hospitals and other health related facilities use the online form to submit an application. Once approved, the facility can provide that educational session to the health care professionals for two years.

This module integrates with the iMIS Customer Module and the orders system. All processes integrate with iMIS using the .NET iMIS Business Objects.

The Continuing Education Approval System allows a pre-determined team of reviewers to confirm that the application meets standards. If it does not, the reviewers can add notes indicating the deficiencies and the original person who submitted the review is notified and requested to make the necessary modifications to bring the application into compliance.

Key features of this custom solution include:

  • Uses .NET based submission form with data stored in iMIS tables and ancillary tables that use the .NET IBOs
  • Allows submitters to upload supporting documentation such as PDF flyers
  • Automatically creates an evaluation form for the submitter to use at their class.
  • Processes payments by creating batches and storing information in iMIS using the .NET IBOs
  • Assign teams and team leaders using the iMIS Committee module through a scheduling system monitored by a staff administrator
  • Logs/tracks emails to notify all individuals throughout the process.

This system has been audited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and has been approved by that entity for use.

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